The Bed Frame Hack That Will Save Your Toes And Shins From Stubs

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Bed frames are often crafted from sturdy materials with edges that can jut out. While this near-universal piece of furniture serves an essential purpose in our homes, it has a mischievous streak that becomes evident when you crash into it. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to this common problem, such as implementing a soft bed frame to minimize risk. Although you may have never heard of such a product before, it does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Not only is it ideal for cushioning any accidental bumps from your bed frame, but it's also easy to integrate into your space and relatively inexpensive to purchase. However, protecting your shins isn't the only benefit of a soft bed frame. The softness is also ideal if you have any young children running wild in your home — especially younger toddlers whose curious nature and high energy can get the better of them — who may be prone to colliding with sharp objects.

What is a soft bedframe?

This hack works so well because the filling inside the bed frame is much softer than a solid frame would be on its own, as it's crafted from a high-density foam, which helps to soften the blow of any impact such as your body hitting the frame. This helps lessen any pain experienced if you stub your toes or hit your shins or any other body part on your bed. Naturally, this makes it ideal if you have children, as they are less likely to hurt themselves, and it is one of many ways to make your child's room feel safe. However, you should also benefit yourself too. After all, we can all be a bit clumsy.

If you don't want to break the bank on a new bed frame but still want to protect yourself from stubs or bruises, you could always try attaching some pillows or cushions around the corners of your bed frame where you're most likely to catch yourself. You could also try wrapping some blankets around the legs or using a pool noodle to prevent bed frame stubs, too. While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as a soft frame, it's certainly better than nothing and can act as a quick fix to the problem. Now, you should be able to waltz around without worrying about any stubbed toes or banged shins.

Purchase the correct soft bed frame

It's important to pick the right soft bed frame for you. Consider the ULTRA by SoftFrame®, which is available for $480 on Etsy, or the LUNA bed frame from SoftFrame Designs, for $450, which has a curvier design and may be more suitable for your interior. You can choose any size to suit your space; however, only the ULTRA is available for a twin bed alongside the other sizes. You can also alter the depth of both frames, so the final result will be entirely in your hands.

Likewise, there is also the slightly pricier Sunday's Cloud Bed, for $1,950, if you have a bigger budget to play around with, which sports a similar design. If you want something that really adds some flair, you could always opt for a DNYN Upholstered Platform Bed for as little as $248.88 on Amazon. However, you may find that it's not as soft as the first two options.

To use this with your bed, you first need to strip it down to just the frame and slot it over so that it touches the floor. Once it's on, simply plop your ready-made mattress back on top, which you will need to prepare beforehand. Now, you should be left with a much softer bed frame that still looks good. Just ensure your floor is clean and tidy and your frame is secure.