The Natural DIY Birdhouse That Will Have Feathered Friends Flocking To Your Yard

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Birdhouses are always fun to have in your yard since they bring so many birds to watch. They can range from simple wooden boxes to intricate bird mansions. Rather than buying one that sticks out to you, why not make a birdhouse yourself with actual sticks? You can create a natural birdhouse that will fit right in with the trees using branches you find around your yard. Collect fallen branches and shape them into an A-frame house. Use a nail gun to attach the branches to each other. Start with a base and support beams with the larger branches, then fill in the gaps with the smaller ones, leaving a hole for the birdhouse door.

You can decorate this birdhouse with moss, leaves, or other natural elements that are safe for birds to live in. When you're done, set it somewhere birds will want to call home. You can hang it up in a tree with sturdy twine or rope, or drill a screw hook into the top to hang it from the tree.

There's more than one way to build a birdhouse

You can change up this DIY project to suit your style. Rather than a simple A-frame house, try making a cube or rectangle with a roof. Use any wood you might have lying around, whether it be branches, firewood, or planks. If you or a neighbor had a tree trimmed or cut down recently, take a larger branch and saw a half-inch thick slice to use as the base, sides, or roof. If wood is hard to come by, you can buy small birch logs and real dried birch twigs on Amazon to use instead.

When it comes to decorations, try to stick to items that are safe for birds, like things they'd pick up to put in their nests. Grass clippings, leaves, and stems are bird-friendly items they'll already be drawn to. You can also use flowers and stones, but you may need to secure the latter into place with non-toxic glue that's safe to use around animals. A sturdy animal-safe glue can also be used rather than a nail gun to build the house, but it may not be as secure of an option, especially if it will be hanging from a tree where it has to endure the elements. Tying everything down with twine is another option for both structural and decorative security.