This TikTok DIY Turns Ordinary IKEA BESTA Units Into A Gorgeous Stone Bench

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There's no denying the IKEA BESTÅ is an excellent storage cabinet for any room around your home and can be easily adapted to most spaces. However, if you're looking for an iconic addition to your bathroom or outdoor space, upgrading one or more of your BESTÅ units into a gorgeous stone bench could be the perfect solution, as shown by @shecreates.co_ on TikTok. By using stone slab tiles on top of your unit, this transformation will help take it from simplistic to breathtaking in a matter of hours, providing stunning seating for an outdoor or bathroom area. This project is also so versatile that you can place the bench anywhere else you see fit in your home, such as in an entryway or kitchen, if you have an interior of a similar theme.

With this hack, you have free rein over what style you use, meaning that you can customize this look exactly to your preference and the design of your home. All you'll need is some stone slab tiles of your choice. Grab this light stone decking option from Kmart for $35 if you want to achieve the look in the TikTok video. Depending on what design of tiles you choose, you may also want to have some grout on hand, which is available for $7.95 from Amazon, and tile adhesive to complete the job. 

Glue the tiles to your IKEA BESTÅ

Once you have your tiles on hand, start by measuring your cabinet, calculating how many tiles you'll need to cover it, and planning where you want each one to sit to ensure the design works. Once you're sure it works, glue the tiles to your BESTÅ. If you use the Kmart tiles or something similar, you can clip them together first before adhering them. Be aware that some options may have a self-adhesive backing, and be sure to follow those product instructions accordingly. 

Also, where you glue the tiles might depend on the placement of your furniture. For example, if all sides including the back are showing, you will want to attach them all around excluding the bottom. If it's against a wall, you only need to apply them on the front, sides, and top. Or, if you plan to add a seat cushion, you may not need to cover the top.

Finally, you just need to apply a layer of grout over your slabs, ensuring you cover all the gaps evenly to achieve an excellent finish. Before adding your finishing touches to your bench, such as a seat and cushions, wait a few days for the grout to harden. After this part is complete, you will be left with a stunning stone bench for indoors or outdoors. The best part? You'd never know it was an IKEA BESTÅ.

Experiment with different tiles

Of course, part of the fun with this hack is experimenting with different types of stone tiles. You could mix and match or, if you prefer, stick with one style that suits your interior. For example, opt for square-shaped mosaic tiles from Aquablu for $18.90 per sheet, white pebble ones for $12.99 per square foot from The Tile Shop, or pearl brushed cobble tile for $15.79 per square foot also from The Tile Shop. You could even paint them using specifically designed tile paint if you wish, like this Rust-Oleum tile restoration kit from Home Depot for $42.98 which results in a glossy porcelain look. It all depends on your personal preferences. Likewise, you can experiment with different shapes of tile, like triangular or hexagonal shapes.

The reason this hack works so well is the tile completely covers your unit, making it appear that you have a piece of furniture made of stone rather than the particle board and fiberboard of your BESTÅ cabinet underneath. This makes it perfect if you want to remodel your bathroom. Just make sure that you double-check the type of adhesive you need before you begin, as you won't need any if the tiles use self-adhesive. You should also ensure that your cabinet sits correctly before you start. If you take your time with the appropriate steps, the result should be a stunning bench that anyone can use.