Add Custom Storage To Your Laundry Room With This Beautiful DIY Thrift-Flip Idea

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When it comes to decorating your home, more utilitarian spaces — like the laundry room — are easy to overlook. When you imagine yourself and your family spending time inside your home, the visions that emerge typically take place in the areas designated for gathering together for work or leisure, like the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Once you start paying attention, however, you may find that you actually spend enough time in your laundry room to be considered significant — especially if you're a parent to multiple children and/or pets.

Once you become aware of how much time is spent in the laundry room, it makes more sense to make it an enjoyable space. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that you want to dedicate a large portion of your budget to a space that isn't generally seen by anyone, but those who perform the chore of laundry within your home. Fortunately, it's quite easy to create a decorative and functional storage piece for your laundry room out of a simple hutch top. 

How to turn a thrifted hutch top into a DIY laundry room storage piece

A hutch — also known as a china cabinet — is a large piece of furniture that often consists of a top piece featuring shelves, cabinets, or a mixture of both, and a lower piece that features a tabletop and additional shelving, cabinetry, and drawers. Since the lower piece of a hutch tends to receive heavier use, it's common for it to wear out long before the top piece. This creates a situation where a person will decide to replace their hutch and end up donating or giving away the top piece.

You can get your hands on a hutch top by asking around within your friend or family group, checking your local Facebook Marketplace or Buy Nothing group, or keeping an eye out in your area's thrift stores. Once you find one, turning it into a statement storage piece is simple, as demonstrated by TikTok creator @Joyfullytreasured. Sand and paint or stain the top — if desired — and mount it to the wall above your washer and dryer using a screw and a toggle anchor in each corner. You can currently purchase a set of 10 toggle anchors with screws by Qualihome for $19.99 on Amazon

Ways to use your DIY laundry room hutch top storage piece

It might seem like using your new DIY laundry room hutch storage piece is a pretty straightforward process, and it certainly is. You should use your piece to store all your laundry essentials such as your detergent, softener, stain treatments, iron, dryer sheets, and wrinkle release spray. However, with a little creativity, you can find a ton of additional ways to utilize this DIY. The extra storage space that's now available to you, for example, can be used to house baskets or large jars for lost and found items, lone socks, and dryer lint waiting to be thrown away.

You could also paint your hutch top's cabinet doors with chalkboard paint or adhere cork to be used as a bulletin board. Here, you can hang reminders about how to launder different types of garments. Or — if everyone in the household does laundry — use this central location as a household command center. Post chores lists, general reminders, or even your family calendar right where everyone will see it while they wash, dry, and fold their laundry.