Prevent Wasting Precious Garden Soil With A Few Repurposed Household Items

Garden soil does not come cheap; even the most negligible soil losses eventually add up. TikTok user @Compostable.kate shows people an ingenious way to save every last bit of your garden soil with household items you probably already have, including chicken wire and a bucket. Whether you're potting up plants, repotting seedlings, harvesting root crops, or starting seeds, this handy garden hack will help you save lots of soil and money in the long run.

This hack will help you save potting soil and garden soil to reduce waste. Oftentimes, when we're harvesting root veggies or rushing through potting up those seedling transplants, we end up unknowingly wasting a lot of soil. It's normal; all gardeners do it, and it's a mindless mistake that happens when we're moving fast. However, while it may seem like a minuscule amount, if you count each time you accidentally waste some soil or water, it quickly adds up. You'd be surprised to see how much soil you can save with this simple gardening hack. Once you get in the habit of using it, it'll become a regular part of your gardening routine and save you lots of materials and money that would otherwise be going toward buying more soil. Once you try it, you'll never go back to wasting even the smallest amount.

How to repurpose household items to save your garden soil

To make this soil and water-saving gadget, you will need some chicken wire or another type of grate. Alternatively, if you have a sieve lying around that has big enough holes to let soil permeate it, that will also work perfectly. Just place the sieve over a bucket and wash off your root crops over top of the contraption to save water and soil. If you prefer, skip using a sieve and just use a bucket or an old storage container to catch all the soil and water that falls off while you are repotting your seedlings or cleaning your veggies. How complex you want to make your water and soil-saving gadget is really up to you. A garden sieve is always useful, but so is a good ol' bucket or container.

This is a super creative and valuable way to repurpose old or unwanted items lying around your home or yard. Not only are you upcycling old materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill, but you are also saving soil and water that would otherwise get washed away or wasted. It's a win-win! Gardening can sometimes be wasteful; between getting soil wrapped in plastic or using unsustainable products like chemical fertilizers or unsustainably mined materials, this is an excellent way to reduce waste, save money, and get the most out of your garden soil!