TikTok's Stunning DIY Flower Decor Is Sure To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Home

If you're a flower lover, you probably already have some floral artworks around your home. However, you could also always take things further with a spectacular piece of 3D wall art, with fake flowers popping right out of the frame, and giving your entire space a boost. 

As demonstrated by TikToker @rebsthwk, on top of being budget-friendly, these fun DIY artworks are also super easy to create. To start, you'll need a poster frame. The exact kind @rebsthwk used is available on Amazon for $55.99 at the time of writing, but the site also offers a similar, much cheaper option at $33.99 for four picture frames. Alternatively, if your art being framed isn't particularly important to you, you could also save even more money by using a stretched canvas, per YouTuber, Astar's Place (under $9 on Amazon), instead. From there, you'll also need some acrylic paint in a color of your choice, a hot glue gun, and of course the hero element, artificial flowers. 

Once you have all the elements, you'll paint the plexiglass of the frame or the stretched canvas itself in a shade of your choice. When the paint is completely dry, you can start gluing the flowers to it. Voilà — you've got yourself a fun floral accent piece! The best part about this hack, though, is that it's completely customizable according to your taste. From minimalist arrangements, to maximalist statements, your floral 3D artwork is yours to adjust, however you prefer. 

Do a mock-up of your arrangement before getting started

You know your style best, so keep that in mind when selecting a paint color and the flowers you'll use for the craft. @rebsthewk opted for a bold, dark-blue background, but if you're more into neutrals, black, white, or even beige would work just as well. Same goes for pastel lovers: Pick the hue that speaks to you. One thing you'll definitely want to keep in mind when shopping for paint colors and fake flowers is how those two things work together. You also want something that'll allow the flowers to stand out, so opt for some kind of contrast. 

Speaking of the flowers, again, your pick will come down to your preference. You could opt for your favorite flowers, select the birth month or zodiac flowers of everyone in your household for a sweet touch, or, as one TikTok commenter suggested, an artificial version of your wedding bouquet. Naturally, your choice will determine how much you end up spending on the flowers, but Amazon offers a ton of options for around $15, including two bundles of artificial daisies.

Whichever flowers you decide on, do a mock up of the arrangement before sticking anything on. If possible, switching up the lengths of each flower's stem adds even more dimension, but that's up to you. When you're happy, apply hot glue along the length of each stem, wait for it to get slightly tacky, and pop it on. 

Be sure to dust the artwork regularly

One drawback to this hack is that unfortunately, faux flowers have a tendency to get dusty, fast. For that reason, before going into this craft, it's important to realize that you will need to clean it fairly regularly. That's especially true if you've opted for a maximalist design, filled to the brim with artificial blooms. 

With the fake flowers glued to the frame, they should be able to withstand gentle dusting on a regular basis. As a general rule, fake plants should be dusted whenever you clean the rest of your home, to avoid dust from other areas settling on the faux petals and leaves. However, to ensure everything looks as fresh as it did when you first placed the artwork on your wall, you may want to take this a step further, and lightly dust every few days. Worried about messing up the arrangement? Try using a hairdryer to blow dust off — though you'll definitely want to ensure it's on the coolest setting. 

Given that this hack requires such regular cleaning, if you prefer a low-maintenance lifestyle, it may be wise to give this one a skip. Alternatively, rather than creating big, luscious bouquets, opt for fewer flowers on the frame. You'll still get that fun pop of color in your home, but it'll be a whole lot easier to keep it from becoming a haven for dust.