The DIY Dollar Tree Storage Solution That Is Perfect For Cluttered Bathroom Counters

Cluttered bathroom counter? You've come to the right place. We all know the woes of walking into your bathroom after a long day, just to be overwhelmed with skin and body care, cleaning products, and the occasional new purchase that still needs to be sorted within your bathroom. The storage space becomes impossible to find and, at this point, everything is on the cusp of getting thrown away.

It's time to put that anxiety to rest with this Dollar Tree-approved storage hack, perfect for making your space seem bigger. TikTok user @itsdiydenise grabbed this $1.25 White Wire Step Storage Rack from Dollar Tree and cut cardboard measured perfectly for each shelf to make it her own. With a marble vinyl covering, she elevated the look to match her aesthetic while only spending a few extra bucks.

Beyond being a pretty addition on top of your counter, this hack maximizes space by allowing your skincare, haircare and other toiletries to sit in a specific area, rather than scattered across your counter or thrown messily under your sink. If you've typically gone for bulky containers that promise organization but really just add to the chaos, this hack will surely be a breath of fresh air. 

Other inexpensive DIY options for bathroom storage

Whether or not you plan to spruce up your new organizer with cardboard coverings, making it your own comes easy. If you'd like to add labels to your shelves, grab some transfer tape. After cutting cardboard to fit your new wired shelf, attach the transfer paper to each piece of cardboard, with the labels on top. Now, they're foolproof. You can also introduce storage baskets to this hack. This variation is fun to keep items a bit more divided and protected from potential falls. It also offers the ability to transform your setup, so it feels more personalized. Grab some of these wire trays from Dollar Tree, which are just $1.25 each at the time of writing, and either cut them to fit on your new shelf or let them be a decorative piece on their own. Hanging them is also a great idea!

Want to keep it simple? No problem. Even though Dollar Tree only sells this item in white, painting your tray is an option. Introduce an entirely new color to your bathroom space or stay within your existing palette; limiting the space to a palette of three colors is a painting tip that even HGTV stars swear by.

The best part about this hack is that you can get creative with where you put your wire rack, too. Whether you're in dire need of counter space or simply need and under-the-sink solution, this trend can be recreated all over your bathroom to fit your needs.