Home Designers Are Loving These Color Combos In Kitchens

Kitchens are often subject to changing design trends. A couple of years ago, all-white cooking areas were all the rage. In 2024, the trend cycle has moved to favor more color in this space. These preferences tie into the quiet luxury trend, which promotes elegance through understated but high-quality materials. "We're looking at midnight blues, or blacks which mix well with dramatic raw marbling—leaning into sensual and moody spaces balanced with metallic shine," DeAnna Hain, Executive Vice President of Marketing at York Wallcoverings, told Veranda. She also predicted that rich and warm browns would grow in popularity.

Neutral kitchens are beloved for their ability to withstand the ever-turning trend wheel. However, designers have demonstrated that neutrals don't have to be boring by pairing them with bolder choices. Marble countertops with dramatic veining add texture and a sense of movement to a space. A classic black-and-white color scheme is both high-impact and timeless. Or infuse more color by opting for slabs with shades of blue or green in the veining, providing a more interesting and unique detail to the space. Of course, you can also use cabinets and install backsplash tile and flooring in complementary hues. Keeping similar undertones -– whether cool or warm — consistent through each element will ensure that they're cohesive, even if one is more of a statement piece than the others.

Earthy and moody color combinations

Neutrals can create a moody interior by using dark colors with pigmented undertones. Dark blue shades like Titmouse Blue from Farrow and Ball and McQueen from Backdrop will add depth to the design in the kitchen. Use these hues on kitchen cabinets to create a grounding base. Pair the bold blues with an even bolder black stone for the counters and sleek black tiles for the backsplash and flooring to create the ultimate moody look. Blue also pairs well with whites for a more classic color scheme. A white countertop with contrasting black graining will help brighten the space while maintaining a moodier vibe. Finish it off with gold knobs and pulls for a metallic shine that adds a bit of glamor to the space.

Warm browns have also grown in popularity thanks to their elegance and connection to nature. These colors create more of a sophisticated comfort in a kitchen. Wainscot by Farrow & Ball has rich red undertones that bring in an earthy look. Pair it with a cream stone countertop with tan and brown veining and similar tiles color on the backsplash. Adding green accents, such as a hunter or sage green, will further embrace the natural vibe. Lean into a little more color with Ghost Ranch from Backdrop, a warm terracotta that can be a bold alternative to traditional browns.

The rise of colorful kitchens

Many designers also lean toward saturated colors in the kitchen rather than neutrals. "Exciting pops of color add a sense of vibrancy and life to a space," Melanie Millner, interior designer at The Design Atelier, shared with Veranda. "Contrasting colors combined with neutral tones will likely be an emerging trend in kitchen design." Bright hues are among the best ways to liven up a neutral color scheme. However, because vibrant shades aren't always considered timeless, they're ideal for those who love color and don't mind a palette falling out of trendiness.

Yellow is a saturated hue that designers seem to be loving. The color elicits instant happiness, creating a comfortable and cheerful space to cook and gather in. Bright and saturated versions like Porche Speed Yellow from Backdrop are real statement-makers. Pair it with light blue or navy blue, which can be complementary shades or part of a triadic color scheme along with red. Opt for yellow cabinets with blue backsplash tiles for a more traditional look. To make more of a statement, blue granite or marble can bring in the blue unexpectedly.

Try Farrow & Ball's Dayroom Yellow for a softer take on yellow. The near-pastel shade adds color without being overwhelming. It would go well with sage greens and light terracottas to create a colorful, earthy kitchen. Pair it with lavender or even a dusty pink for a more playful combination.