TIHS 2024: The Best Laundry Products To Simplify Your Life

The Inspired Home Show (TIHS) 2024 — taking place this year from March 17 to 19 in Chicago, Illinois — aims to find the best in houseware so that you can efficiently complete all your daily tasks around the house. And when it comes to doing your laundry, ensuring your clothes smell as fresh as ever with as little effort as possible is usually at the top of many homeowners' lists of goals, and this year's TIHS is a testament to that. Offering a variety of items like steaming products, dryer balls, and clotheslines, home design innovators at TIHS are dedicated to helping you create a functional laundry room that leads to soft, wrinkle-free, and fully-dry clothes. 

House Digest is currently at TIHS and lining up the most efficient, high-tech, and forward-thinking laundry products, so rather than spending tedious hours attempting to wash, dry, and iron your clothes, your process will be more streamlined. 

Steam Master's Garment Steamer with Iron

If you're not a fan of traditional ironing boards, look to Steam Master Inc. and their Garment Steamer with Iron. With a fast-heating feature, refillable water tank, portable iron head, and modes for different materials, this garment steamer easily removes wrinkles within minutes. Based on the demonstration we saw, all you have to do is press it against your desired fabric, move in vertical and horizontal directions, and watch as those pesky lines disappear.

"I could tell in the presentation that a good amount of steam came out of the machine. It seems to be built well and produce solid results without the head itself getting too hot," said Preston Smith, who reported on the floor of TIHS for House Digest.

Nellie's Clean Flyerballs

Wool dryer balls are a great addition to laundry routines because they're more eco-friendly than dryer sheets while still being effective. Besides being absolutely adorable, Nellie's Clean Flyerballs, which are made in New Zealand from high-quality sheep wool, will remove wrinkles and soften fabrics while reducing drying times. Once you've transferred a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, toss in all three flyerballs before starting the load.

Best yet: The Flyerballs are eco-friendly not only because they replace wasteful dryer sheets but also because they contain zero harmful chemicals for the environment and your skin. Folks with sensitive skin — rejoice! Oh, and did we mention they're adorable? Charming and useful — win-win.  

Of course, dryer balls can wear down quickly — but Nellie's rep told House Digest at TIHS 2024 that you can use them repeatedly for several years before needing new ones. This adds peace of mind to your routine to keep them in there — no need to remember to grab a sheet for every load!

Orderly Clothes Rail Spacer Set from Joseph Joseph

If your closet has clothes overlapping clothes, causing wrinkles to your fresh laundry, then you may want to consider Joseph Joseph's Orderly clothes rail spacer might be exactly what you need. With easy installation and grooves that space your hung items an equal distance apart, picking up a pair on Joseph Joseph's website for only $8 might save you the headache of unnecessarily wrinkled clothes.

This seems like a great product if you'd like to give your clothes some room to breathe or space to highlight favorite pieces in your closet. Ali Bork, Key Account Manager at Joseph Joseph, told us, "This is a new product for 2024. There are two sizes — one for bulkier items like suit jackets and one with closer spacing for trousers and skirts. Our brand is focused on smart space and storage solutions, so we are excited to expand our catalog to include laundry items."

Minky Homecare's Retractable Clothesline

Last but certainly not least, the solution to efficient air drying is a retractable clothesline. With Minky Homecare's Retractable Clothesline, homeowners can mount the box in their backyard, pull each retractable line across the yard, and hang loads of clothes to dry. The clothesline is sunlight-resistant, easy to clean, and a great way to save space and time when it comes to air drying clothes. Rather than setting up multiple indoor clothes racks, consider this outdoor solution.

As a Minky rep noted to our House Digest reporter at TIHS, the company sells two options (a single line and a double line) as well as a 5-line retractable reel. They also emphasized this is one of their most popular products and that they drop-ship it quickly from Home Depot. Having been with the company since 2009, the rep confidently assured us the retractable clothesline is a bestseller for the business every year.