Is The High Cost Of Snap-On Tool Carts Really Worth It?

The Snap-on brand offers many excellent tools that hard workers depend on to do their work well. While the items are typically of great quality, there are some overpriced Snap-on tools. So before shopping from the brand, you should consider whether the investment will be worth the money in the long term or if you could buy something comparable for a better price somewhere else to avoid getting ripped off. Not only should you do your research before buying Snap-on tools, but the tool carts, too.

There are many different Snap-on tool carts, and they seem very high-quality but have high prices to match. For instance, the beautiful red 40-inch Six-Drawer Roll Cart is sleek, spacious, and sturdy but costs over $2,300 from Snap-on. Thus, while many customers enjoy their Snap-on tool carts overall, consumers generally state that the carts aren't worth the hefty prices, as even wonderful-quality roll carts aren't worth breaking the bank when you can find good alternatives elsewhere for a more reasonable cost.

Snap-on tool carts are luxury items that could lead to buyer's remorse

Some people have mixed feelings about the Snap-on price tags. For example, one Reddit user noted that while their dad and grandfather believe the items are worth it because of the impressive quality, the Reddit user does not think the prices are fair, worth spending on, or even understandable. 

While some other Reddit users appropriately commented that the luxury items are "worth it" for people who genuinely love and want to splurge on the well-made products, the prices are excessively high, such as a now-deleted user, who wrote, "They're not worth it. But suckers pay for it. So they're 'worth' it in a market demand sense." The person explained that even with the smooth rolling and well-built structure, paying thousands isn't a good choice when you could get something relatively similar for a lower price elsewhere. 

Furthermore, a member of The Garage Journal wrote about how a Snap-on toolbox is excellent to use but doesn't think the price is fair. The member even compared the cost to that of a new car. Other members noted that it's a significantly better deal to purchase used Snap-on carts rather than new ones to save money. 

Snap-on tool carts vs. the competition

So, where do Snap-on tool carts stand against the competition, such as the home of many must-have tools, Harbor Freight? YouTube user Big Ben's Cars & Cycles posted a video explaining, "I had a Harbor Fright toolbox for 10 years... it felt just as good quality as a Snap-on toolbox." After all, you can purchase a highly-rated tool cart from Harbor Freight with nine drawers and dimensions of about 37 inches high by 18.25 inches deep by 46 inches long for about $350, and customers gave it glowing scores for quality, value, and sturdiness. Meanwhile, a Snap-on tool cart with only three drawers and dimensions of 43 inches high by 20.5 inches deep by 32 inches wide costs more than $1,400. 

Another alternative to shopping from Snap-on is buying Matco Tools carts. YouTuber Flat Rate Master compared Snap-on and Matco Tools' carts and concluded that one isn't necessarily the better-quality choice, as it depends on each individual's preferences. Matco Tools tool carts also have high prices but offer more affordable options. For instance, a 36-inch wide by 46-inch high tool cart with six drawers sells for $3,740 at Snap-on, while a 34.5-inch wide by 39.4-inch tall roll cart with six drawers is available for $1,699 at Matco Tools, and many customers love the quality and features. So, a somewhat larger cart from Snap-on costs over $2,000 more. Ultimately, Snap-on carts don't seem worth their high prices when looking at similar alternatives.