Why You Should Consider Growing Your Orchid In The Shower

Just like you would your bedroom, living room, or entertainment area, it's never a bad idea to add some much-needed decor to your shower. Home design experts may encourage you to add eucalyptus into your bathroom or a vase of sunflowers near your vanity, but rarely do we find natural decor options that benefit us and nature alike. More specifically, orchids — nature's ode to love. Despite their popularity in gardens and flower beds, certain varieties of flowers thrive in the hot, steamy, and humid environment of our shower. Orchids — specifically moth orchids — can make an exceptional addition to your bathroom while encouraging the flower to bloom.

Orchids belong to the Orchidaceae family, existing in a variety of climates that range from tropical paradises all the way to polar vortexes. Historically, orchids were used as medicinal herbs, and they later transformed into a universal symbol for elegance and love. Today, these flowers are adored by gardening enthusiasts who have discovered their preference for a damp environment. That's right: The perfect place to grow orchids isn't always in the garden, but rather in the most humid part of your home. If you happen to get your hands on a moth orchid, it might just be the perfect in-shower companion.

Reasons to grow an orchid in the shower

Although research shows that many orchids thrive in damp environments, there are several reasons why you should consider growing an orchid in the shower. For starters, moth orchids benefit from bright and indirect light, something that's hard to control when you're growing them in the garden. Rather than placing moth orchids outside or in direct light, placing an orchid in the shower can help the flower receive indirect sunlight in a controlled environment. Furthermore, many bathrooms are designed with windows (or have access to other natural light) that can effectively retrieve light and reflect it onto the shower plant.

Controlled humidity that's 40% or higher is ideal for moth orchids, especially if the air around them continues to circulate. If you place an orchid in the shower, you may consider leaving the fan or a dehumidifier on to keep the air moving — regardless, moth orchids can handle up to 80% humidity, and with proper ventilation, it may even be preferred. Before you go ahead and move your orchid to the shower, be sure to place the flower in a small vase filled with orchid potting mix.