HGTV's Jeremiah Brent Unveils A Showstopping Lighting Trend You'll Want To Get Behind

Jeremiah Brent has a keen eye for elevated and interesting designs, so followers listen when he notes that a new trend is beginning to gain traction. For instance, he called earth-toned carpeting the 2024 decorating trend he's all about – it helps ground a room in calming colors while also providing drama, thanks to its rich, dark colors. However, the designer also has opinions on lighting fixture trends. As he's working on projects and designing spaces for clients and magazines alike, he's leaning towards using statement fixtures in his looks. Rather than selecting minimalist kitchen pendants or nondescript floor lamps that blend in with the space, Brent has been utilizing selections that double as art in the room.

One such example is his use of pendant lighting in a kitchen remodel in Westlake Village, California. The designer posted the finished project on his Instagram, bringing special attention to the series of pendants hanging in the large kitchen. Rather than using recessed lighting, he chose to hang four brass pendants over the two islands in the space. These fixtures were unusual in shape, looking like elongated teardrops with two outer rings on the bottom. This created interest that draws the eyes above the countertops and makes the kitchen more memorable. Here is a closer look into Brent's endorsement of statement and sculptural lighting. 

Jeremiah Brent loves his statement lighting

If you look at Brent's most recent designs, they are filled with sculptural, artistic lighting. For instance, in photos taken for House Beautiful, Brent is seen in an office with two statement lights — one floor lamp that looks like a cross between a medieval floor candelabra and '80s Memphis Style lamps and a pendant that mimics an origami design with its folded planes and many edges. Similarly, in an Instagram post sharing a 2023 living room design, Brent sourced a lamp resembling wavy tree branches holding light lanterns at the end of their limbs.

However, his penchant for statement lighting isn't new. When MyDomaine asked the designer what high-end items you need in your home, Brent answered, "A great sofa or an amazing light. Both items can transition seamlessly with you through the many chapters of your life." Like good art, statement lighting can stand the test of time, so it's worth investing in. An architectural piece will look just as interesting in 30 years as it will today.

How to incorporate Brent's architectural lighting in your home

Part of the reason Brent likely gravitates toward statement lighting is because he sees design as art. Not every element in the space must have a serviceable purpose — some of it can be just plain fun. When explaining his kitchen design to Elle Decor, Brent shared, "We also have this funny alabaster triangle lamp from the '70s on our countertop, which I'm obsessed with. Everything doesn't have to be utilitarian. It can actually be really beautiful and functional, which is what I love." You can hop on this trend by looking for lamps that are structural, artistic, and, most importantly, fun. 

To narrow down the selection, consider the scale of your room. Are you trying to outfit a large living room or a small bedroom? If the former, you want a sufficiently large floor lamp or else it will get lost in the space. If the latter, you want to avoid choosing oversized nightstand lamps, or the room will look dwarfed and out of proportion. Knowing the scale will help you narrow down your selection. Then, to ensure it's functional, consider where you're hanging the piece. If it's in a dining room where you need ample light over the table, ensure you choose a fixture that allows for multiple bulbs rather than just one. This will ensure the fixture has enough power to sufficiently illuminate the whole room rather than releasing a dim stream of light.