The Best Expandable Garden Hoses Based On Reviews

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If you are a homeowner with a yard, the importance of a reliable garden hose is obvious to you. However, winding up and lugging about a heavy, tangled rubber tube can be a huge inconvenience. It can also take up lots of space when not in use. If you hate traditional hoses, you may want to invest in an expandable garden hose. These types are made from flexible materials, implementing bendable but strong fabric that will scrunch up when not in use and expand when filled with water. They're also gentle to the touch while being easier to maneuver than conventional types. With hundreds of these flexible hoses on the market, however, finding the right one can prove challenging. Luckily, we've narrowed down the best options for you based on customer reviews, which include the Flexi Hose, the Zero-G Ultra Flexible Hose, and the Hydrotech ProSeries Expandable Hose.

Since expandable hoses are designed with different materials than your run-of-the-mill type, they can be prone to certain failures, such as bursting and leaking at connections. While the benefits of the right expandable hose outweigh the drawbacks, it's still important to look at the whole picture when making a purchase. Selecting the appropriate garden hose for your needs requires numerous considerations, including performance, lifespan, customer support for faulty products, and price.

The best expandable hose

Perhaps the biggest possible downside to the genius of expandable garden hoses is the fact that they are prone to bursting and are often made with weaker materials, such as plastic connectors. Flexi Hose ($60 on Amazon for 50 feet) assuages these concerns with its brass fittings and double latex core. It also comes with a spray nozzle that has eight different settings for all of your various water pressure needs. Customers on Amazon generally like the product's performance, stating that it is easy to maneuver and store and feels like a quality product. 

Flexi Hose is also one of the best-known brands in the realm of expandable hoses. As such, it comes in a variety of lengths based on your needs and budget. While expandable hoses will not give you the same water pressure that traditional rubber garden hoses do, the Flexi Hose makes up for this with its lightweight materials, which makes it incredibly easy to store for later use. Furthermore, although expandable hoses may not be as durable as conventional types, the Flexi Hose comes with a lifetime warranty, protecting the buyer against normal wear and tear over the life of the product.

Two cheaper expandable hose options

If you're keen to try a popular expandable garden hose but don't have $60, no problem. There are many more affordable products on the market, but beware that the cheaper the materials, the more likely it is that you'll have to deal with quality control problems. The Zero-G Ultra Flexible Garden Hose (about $43 on Amazon) offers a happy medium for the consumer who wants a cheaper option but still a quality product. It is made in the USA and claims to not be susceptible to punctures thanks to its durable materials. While some customers state that it can kink and leak, the Zero-G comes with a five-year warranty, making it a safe bet for individuals who are interested in trying out an expandable hose.

Another budget option is the Hydrotech ProSeries Expandable Burst Proof Hose (around $45 at Home Depot for a ⅝-inch diameter and 50 feet). Many customers praise the product design — its light weight means it can be easily hidden in an IKEA TRONES cabinet — and enjoy its great water pressure. While some individuals have dealt with common expandable hose woes like leaks, the 10-year warranty on this product protects you against mishaps. This hose is also compact enough to store in a bucket between uses.