Try TikTok's Pool Noodle Hack To DIY A Solar Pool Cover On A Budget

Pool maintenance can be an expensive proposition. So, when KDB_Cleaning on TikTok offered a cost effective solar-based solution, it gained a lot of attention. According to the hack, all it takes is some pool noodles attached to a length of tarp to bring up the temperature of a pool without breaking the bank — but does it work? House Digest reached out to America's Swimming Pool Company brand president Jimmie Meece to find out. 

Speaking exclusively to House Digest, Meece explained that professionally made solar pool covers use the sun's natural heat energy to warm a pool without the use of electricity. "A solar pool cover is designed to absorb and retain sunlight and heat, which can help keep your pool warm and extend your pool season by holding in the sun's heat in the water as the summer nights start to get chillier," Meece said. "When the pool is in an area that is under direct sunlight, pairing a solar pool cover can also reduce energy from the pool heater working to heat the pool." 

Though Meece added that a cover isn't going to raise the temperature of the entire pool. Instead, it will just raise the temperature of the several inches of water closest to the surface. Still, this hack should take the edge off of getting into a chilly pool, right? Here, we look deeper into if we should we add this to our list of ingenious pool noodle hacks or not.

The pool noodle hack should be somewhat effective

When it comes to the TikTok pool noodle cover hack, our expert pointed out that it should work to an extent. Meece explained in his exclusive interview with House Digest that you could temporarily keep a pool warmer with this noodle hack, though it won't be as effective as a professionally made solar tarp. He said that this affordable solution would be better in warmer climates on sunny days. 

"For a longer lasting and more effective solution, consider purchasing a solar blanket cover designed for your needs and pool shape," Meece said. "These covers have air bubbles, which resemble bubble wrap, and come in different colors and thickness. For example, clear solar covers draw in most direct sunlight while dark and opaque solar pool covers are better for retaining heat."

To Meece's point, the hack video shows a noodle tarp cover that doesn't quite fit the entire circumference of the pool. He noted that this would reduce the hack's effectiveness. So, this hack may not be the best cheap way to heat your pool, though it should help a bit in a pinch. 

How to make the hack work best

Although this pool noodle hack may not be the be-all and end-all of affordable pool hacks, our expert Meece said there are some ways to make it more effective. Speaking exclusively to House Digest, Meece said that, beyond cutting the tarp to fit the surface of the water, there are additional things to consider. For instance, you should regularly check the pool temperatures to see if the DIY pool cover is doing its job. If it isn't, you can also use a hose to heat up your pool naturally

"Also consider how you plan to store and maintain your DIY cover," Meece said. "Depending on your pool size, attaching your tarp to pool noodles might be a less convenient option when you need to store your cover while it's not in use. It's important to keep the cover clean and store it properly to extend its usage." After all, a DIY can be an affordable solution, unless you have to redo it a bunch of times.