Are PROFLO Toilets A Good Budget-Friendly Option? Here's What Our Expert Says

When choosing the right features for your home, finding a brand that you trust matters. Plumbing mishaps, in particular, can be incredibly damaging – and costly — when they occur, so buying a new toilet for your bathroom can feel especially intimidating. When so many products provide so many of the same features, which one should you trust?

One brand you've probably seen in your toilet search is PROFLO, which offers some of the most budget-friendly options on the residential toilet market. The price point of PROFLO products can be a blessing to homeowners who need to replace their toilet in a pinch, but will these fixtures last over the long haul? After all, saving money isn't always worth the risk of installing an inferior product that might cost you in repairs. 

To get answers, House Digest asked Frontdoor virtual plumber Eduardo Linares for his exclusive take. And when it comes to PROFLO, Linares believes that it is possible to achieve quality and reliability at an accessible price point. The expert broke down his reasonings, so that you can make the most informed decision possible for your individual home. 

Why PROFLO toilets are expert-approved

Choosing to purchase a budget-friendly toilet can be nerve-racking, especially if it is from a brand that isn't as well-known as others in the industry. For those who have no choice but to purchase a low-priced toilet, the recommendation of an expert makes a major difference in their brand choice. Fortunately, when it comes to PROFLO, virtual plumber Eduardo Linares expressed his faith in the brand's reliability. As he explained to House Digest, "In my opinion, PROFLO is a good toilet brand for the budget-minded consumer who is not looking for a high-end or many features toilet, but still desires a quality product." 

The virtual plumber expressed confidence that average DIY homeowners could install these toilets independently. "Install of a PROFLO toilet is straightforward and similar to any standard toilet install, which includes requiring a wax seal, flange bolts to secure the toilet, and a toilet water supply line," he assured. "Most homeowners should be able to tackle this install with some simple hand tools." Overall, between ease of installation, a good product, and simplicity, Linares didn't shy away from recommending PROFLO toilets to those who are in need of a new toilet — as long as you don't require extra features like lighting or built-in bidets (there are hidden downsides to bidets, after all). "The biggest reason to recommend PROFLO toilets is their reasonable pricing," he said, adding, "Compared to some of their competitors, PROFLO toilets offer a very solid product at an accessible price point." 

The potential drawbacks of PROFLO toilets

Clearly, as far as Frontdoor virtual plumber Eduardo Linares is concerned, PROFLO is a good brand. That said, no brand — and no toilet — can ever be perfect. In that regard, Linares explained to House Digest in our interview that the only major downside of PROFLO budget-friendly toilet models is that they don't include any of the newer bells and whistles that many modern homeowners with higher budgets are looking for. "They do not offer some of the more modern styles of toilets, as compared to some of their competitors," he advised. "If you are looking for the newer toilet features — which could be a toilet with a bidet seat, lights, or Bluetooth [connectivity] — you will have to look elsewhere." 

To be clear, the average person considering a PROFLO toilet probably isn't looking for such features: after all, fancy features always come at a higher price, and that's not the business model that PROFLO is going for. That said, if you're looking for a solid toilet at an affordable price, PROFLO seems like a reliable choice, with the company offering many basic two-piece toilets for under $200.