40 Outdoor Showers That You'll Want To Add To Your Backyard

Outdoor showers aren't only great for beach houses, per Times of San Diego. They're also useful for those with a pool or hot tub. Outdoor showers can become easy changing stations and places to rinse off before and after taking a swim. They can also be a great backyard addition for families with kids who like to get dirty outside. Instead of covering your bathtub with dirt, your kids can wash off outside. Outdoor showers can also be beneficial to those with dogs to clean and cool them off. Finally, if you live in a hot climate, taking a shower outside could be just what you need on a hot summer day.

According to Family Handyman, an outdoor shower can range from $250 to thousands of dollars, depending on what features you choose. As you'll see, outdoor showers come in a range of styles, from luxurious to simple. No matter the design, outdoor showers can be great additions to any backyard

1. Against a wall

The wood paneling and simple design of this outdoor shower make it look sleek and luxurious. This is an open shower, meaning it isn't completely enclosed by walls. This outdoor shower would be a great place to rinse off after a swim in the pool. 

2. Enclosed design

Other outdoor shower designs, like the one above, are enclosed by walls. This model is great for showers in places that provide no privacy. 

3. No walls

Some outdoor showers have no walls, like the one pictured above. These models are the least expensive and are great options for those who live near the beach — or those who want to feel like they're on a tropical vacation. 

4. Partially enclosed

This outdoor shower is partially enclosed, with walls on either side but a large opening in the front. These showers provide some privacy without being completely closed off. 

5. Privacy with plants

If you choose an open model without walls but want to add some privacy, you could consider making a wall out of plants. This outdoor shower utilizes a tree for more privacy. 

6. Bamboo walls

This outdoor shower has everything you could ever need, with bamboo walls, tile flooring, and two shower heads: one handheld and one overhead. 

7. Ceramic blue tiles

This outdoor shower is unique. The luxurious ceramic blue tiles and lush greenery make it fit for a tropical resort — or next to a backyard pool. 

8. Faucet above the walls

With an exposed faucet head, this outdoor shower is airy and breathable — but it also doesn't compromise on privacy. It's a great middle-ground between being completely open and completely enclosed. 

9. Simple design

Perhaps the most simplistic design, this outdoor shower is essentially just a wooden post and a faucet and is completely open on all four sides. 

10. In nature

Part of the appeal of an outdoor shower is that you can be immersed in nature while showering. This completely open outdoor shower allows you to watch the sunset. 

11. Beside the door

If convenience is your main concern, placing your outdoor shower right next to your door may be best. This shower is perfect for a quick rinse before going inside. 

12. Under the pergola

This outdoor shower is placed under a poolside pergola and has two shower heads. This is great for large families or those who want to use the showers before and after swimming in the pool. 

13. Beach foot shower

A foot shower is a great option for those who live by the beach. It will remove the sand from your feet, so it doesn't get all over your floor. 

14. Foot shower with basin

Foot showers can also be great for families with kids who like to play outside or for those with dogs. This design features a basin and looks clean and modern. 

15. Adding a bathtub

If you like relaxing baths, you could also add an outdoor bathtub. This outdoor bathroom has both a shower and a tub. 

16. Bath and shower combo

This is another example of a bathtub and shower combo that looks gorgeous. If you added this to your backyard, it would feel like you were on a tropical vacation all the time. 

17. Only a tub

If you just want to be able to soak outside, you could skip the shower completely and only get an outdoor bathtub. 

18. Cloth shower

This outdoor shower has round walls made of a cloth fabric. This design takes minimal effort to set up. 

19. Multiple shower heads

Commonly seen on the beach, this outdoor shower has two shower heads, one on each side of the post. This would be a great option for large families or those that entertain guests often. 

20. Modern multiple shower heads

For a more modern design, you could add multiple shower heads to wooden posts. These showers have two overhead shower heads on each side and one foot shower below. 

21. Add a window

If you want a completely enclosed shower with a door, you could consider adding a small window to the door. This will allow for more natural light and add an interesting feature to your outdoor shower. 

22. Add flowers and greenery

Adding greenery will make your outdoor shower feel like a luxurious spa. This stone outdoor shower has colorful flowers and beautiful green vines that add to its gorgeous aesthetic. 

23. Simple poolside shower

This outdoor shower has a very simple design. For those who want to quickly rinse off before and after getting in the pool, this may be the best option. 

24. Brick shower

Outdoor showers can also be added to existing walls. This shower head has been added to a brick wall. 

25. Shower on fence

You could also add an outdoor shower to a fence post. This design has a large shower head attached to a wooden fence. 

26. In the woods

An outdoor shower can be placed just about anywhere. If you live near the woods, you could put the shower in a secluded area. 

27. Wooden structure

This is an example of a simple wooden outdoor shower. It's completely made of wood, with wooden walls and a wood floor. 

28. Beautiful tiles

This model has beautiful tile work and luscious green plants. This shower would be relaxing and refreshing on a hot summer's day. 

29. Concrete wall

Outdoor showers can also be made out of concrete. This shower head and faucet are on a rectangle concrete slab. 

30. Minimalist design

Outdoor showers can be made to look very minimalist. This shower only consists of a faucet and shower head on a concrete wall. 

31. Surrounded by plants

You can also create a shower surrounded only by plants. A huge benefit of this design is that every time you shower, your plants also get watered. 

32. Simplistic wooden design

An outdoor shower can be placed anywhere, even in a large open area. This freestanding shower has a simple wooden design. 

33. Colorful shower

If you want an outdoor shower that stands out, you could consider one with bold tiles. This unique shower features colorful tiles that make it stand out. 

34. Rustic shower

For a more rustic look, you could get a wooden outdoor shower with metal hardware. This shower also has hooks on the outer wall to hang towels. 

35. Marble tiles

This outdoor shower looks extra modern with marble tiles and a shiny silver shower head. Who wouldn't want to shower here?

36. Garden shower

You can also add a shower to your garden. This shower has a floor that's surrounded by pebbles for water drainage. 

37. Metal hardware

For a vintage look, choose a metal faucet and shower head. This outdoor shower has beautiful copper fixtures. 

38. Tropical plants

Plants are always a good idea when it comes to outdoor showers. If you live in a lush, tropical area, an outdoor shower could be a perfect addition to your backyard. 

39. Be transported to vacation

This outdoor shower looks so relaxing. Standing under the shower head would make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation. 

40. Shower with pool fountain

For an extra modern look, you could add a small fountain near your outdoor shower. This shower would be great for rinsing off before and after taking a swim.