Get Inspired With These Vegetable Garden Ideas

Gardening has become a popular activity for many. Why? Well, gardening has a number of great benefits, as outlined by Growing A Greener World. The first is that you could save money. Another great benefit is that homegrown produce is most likely healthier than what you could find at the grocery store. Third, homegrown food usually tastes better than store-bought. Finally, gardening is a great hobby with a great reward: fresh food.

There are a few things to consider when starting your own backyard vegetable garden. The first is location. You'll want your plants to get enough sun. You'll also want to think about the size of your garden -– are you transforming your backyard into a vegetable paradise or just growing a few veggies on the patio? Finally, you'll want to consider the soil. If you live in an area with nutrient-rich soil, you could till and plant directly into the ground. If, however, you live in a sandy or rocky area, raised garden beds filled with soil may be your best bet. Whatever you desire for your vegetable garden, here are 20 ideas to inspire you to start your own.

1. Till the ground

If you're wanting a larger vegetable garden and you live in a place with nutrient-rich soil, tilling the ground is probably your best bet. You could create rows of produce for a more orderly setup. Or, as pictured above, you can separate your garden out into sections for each type of plant. 

2. Planting in decorative pots

However, if you have limited space or don't live in a rich soil area, you could plant small herbs and other plants in decorative pots or buckets. This is a great way to add some personality and design to your garden, and it can be added just about anywhere with sunlight. 

3. Terracotta pots

Similarly, you could place your plants in large terracotta pots. This backyard is a great example of an area where pots and plant beds would be best because there's no visible soil to plant in. Pots are also great for those who may want to move their garden in the future. 

4. Stacked vegetables

If you don't have a backyard, a great option for growing produce on the patio is in stacked containers, such as this one. A great tip is to plant herbs in the smaller spaces and a larger plant, like a tomato plant, at the very top. 

5. Labeling produce

To create an orderly and aesthetic garden, adding signs that label each of your plants is a great idea. These signs could be made out of anything — if you're looking for a fun DIY project, you could make them out of popsicle sticks, like these from Homesteading In Ohio

6. Orange garden bins

For another space-saving idea on the patio, you could plant your produce in garden bins. These orange garden bins are slightly raised and allow for easy access to produce. 

7. Storage bins

If you've got some extra storage bins lying around, you could make those into garden bins. In fact, pretty much anything with a basin can be made into a planter, like a wheelbarrow, bowl, or basket. 

8. Garden beds on stilts

For an organized, accessible garden, you could use garden beds on stilts. This garden looks beautiful. Also, harvesting produce in this garden wouldn't require bending down. If you're looking for a fun DIY, you could build these garden beds yourself. 

9. Wooden garden beds

Here's another example of a raised, wooden garden bed. Wooden garden beds are some of the most common backyard garden options available because they look great and make gardening easier. 

10. Garden beds on the ground

Instead of having raised garden beds, you could also place garden beds directly on the ground. While this doesn't add to accessibility, it does create an organized garden with clear walkways around your plants. 

11. Garden beds around stones

To step up the look of your garden, you could install stone around the garden beds. This creates a chic, clean backyard look. 

12. On the porch

You could also place a garden bed on your patio. This option would be great for those who want to plant a lot of vegetables in a small space.

13. Red brick garden beds

Garden beds can also be made out of bricks. These beds would look great next to a brick house. You can also add small stones to the walkways around your garden beds, as pictured above. 

14. Stair garden beds

You could also create garden bed stairs. This is a great way to use a slanted backyard to your benefit. 

15. Backyard greenhouse

If you're really committed to growing incredible produce, you could install a greenhouse in your backyard. This will allow you to create a perfect environment for your plants. You'll also be able to grow produce all year round. 

16. Along a wall

A great way to create a designated vegetable garden space is by growing the plants along a wall. If you have an empty space in front of a stone wall or even a fence, it could be a great space for a garden. 

17. Along the house

You could also grow a garden right next to your house. This will allow for quick watering — and, if you open your window, you might just be able to smell some of the fresh produce. 

18. Fairy garden

To make your garden unique, you could add lawn ornaments or other decorative pieces. This garden has been transformed into a fairy's paradise. This is a great option for those who have young, imaginative kids. 

19. Solar powered lights

If you want to garden at night (which is a great way to garden in hot climates), you could add solar-powered lights. These could also be used to designate walkways around garden beds. 

20. Vines along a wall

You could also grow vines along a wall to add to your garden's aesthetic. This will make your backyard truly look like a garden paradise.