Refreshing Ways To Make Gardening Easier In The Blistering Summer Heat

Growing a garden can provide fresh produce and beautiful flowers all summer, but watering, weeding, and mulching in the blistering heat aren't always easy. As the temperatures continue to climb throughout the summer, gardening gets harder and harder. Taking care of plants and produce while the sun beams down on your skin could make you want to give up gardening altogether. There's also the issue of potential heat exhaustion, which is when your body fails to cool itself down in very hot weather, per Mayo Clinic. This can lead to symptoms such as heavy sweating, fainting, dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, and headaches.

Luckily, there are a few ways to keep yourself cool while gardening throughout the summer. Each of these tips and tricks can be categorized in two ways. The first category contains ways to utilize water to cool yourself down and keep you hydrated. The second is ways to create shade to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.

Utilize water

The first category of ways to stay cool is utilizing water to your advantage. Of course, to stay hydrated, you'll want to drink plenty of water before you begin gardening and during gardening. A great way to keep your water safe and cool in the summer heat is by carrying it in a stainless steel water bottle. According to Greens Steel, gardeners will benefit from a stainless steel water bottle because it's convenient to carry, very durable, and will keep water or other liquids cool even in the blistering summer sun.

Another way to utilize water to keep yourself cool is by getting a misting fan. These fans can be small and clipped onto your clothes or larger and pointed at you. According to Newair, the combination of a blowing fan and a water pump will create a fine mist that feels fresh and cool. It shouldn't get you wet; Instead, it should cool you off with a light fog of refreshing water. Other ways to use water to your advantage include taking a break to soak in a cool tub or the pool or applying cool, damp rags to your skin.

Create shade

The second category of ways to keep cool in the summer is by creating shade. This can be done in a number of ways. The first way is by using an umbrella. Umbrellas are very helpful because they will completely protect you from the sun's rays. Slate says that umbrellas create a 30% drop in the intensity of the sun's solar radiation — and studies have proven that temperatures under umbrellas can be reduced by as much as 11 degrees. When the sun's beating down on you, an umbrella can make a huge difference.

Similarly, a hat can be worn to protect your head from the sun's harmful rays. While not as full coverage as an umbrella, a hat will keep your scalp cool. Temperature Master says to choose a hat that's porous, not insulating. One with a wide brim will also protect your face from the sun. Finally, you could wear sun protective clothing. The Skin Cancer Foundation says that these clothes protect your skin from UV radiation — and they're convenient to use because, unlike sunscreen, they don't have to be reapplied throughout the day.