Get Inspired By These Gorgeous Deck Railings To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

If you've been thinking about building a deck from scratch or have a deck that could use a little (or a lot of) updating, then there are a few factors that you'll definitely want to keep in mind before you go ahead with any solid plans. For instance, you will want to think about the overall design and choose between options like a floating deck and a covered deck. You'll also want to go over the details and potential accents, such as what kind of flooring and railings you'll want to use.

When it comes to railings, you should first investigate any possible codes that might exist in your particular area, according to These codes could apply to both the height of your railings as well as their sturdiness and could affect the rest of your choices. On top of that, you'll need to decide which material captures the look that you want and fits your budget. You also won't want to forget about things like how much privacy your railings may provide and whether or not the design impedes your potential view as well as how functional it might be.

With that in mind, be sure to check out these gorgeous deck railings that will not only inspire you but will also elevate your outdoor space.

1. Contemporary wood and chrome railing

If the exterior of your home has a contemporary design, then it may be best for you to opt for a deck railing that has the same sort of vibe. This stunning option boasts a top handrail in rich wood along with rounded shiny chrome metal posts and bars that are curved at the corners.

2. Chic geometric railing

This railing takes a simple design up a notch by adding some geometric flair. Along with posts that are different widths, the placement of each creates rectangular shapes both horizontally and vertically. While that would be enough to make this a lovely choice, the design also features larger sections of grid-like panels, which offer additional visual interest.

3. Beautifully elegant railing

This deck railing is so lovely that it rivals the gorgeous view. While thicker posts with sharp corners are topped with slightly peaked caps, the inner posts have been carved with wonderful curves. Something you might expect to see on a stately residence, this railing would also add a touch of class to pretty much any home.

4. Natural dark wood railing

If you're interested in a deck railing that has a more natural look, then this dark wood option might be more to your taste. Although the posts have been arranged to create a decorative x-shape between each section, the wood itself has not been perfectly smoothed down, which gives it a bit of a rustic look.

5. Bright light blue deck railing

Add a hint of color to your deck by installing a bright blue railing. This relatively simple design that has thinner v-shaped posts between thicker straight posts has been snazzied up with a coat or two of vibrant blue paint. You can add even more color by attaching hooks where you can hang flower pots.

6. Varied deck railing design

This deck railing design provides you with both privacy and a view thanks to the fact that the lower wood boards are larger and closer together while the higher ones are thinner and leave a couple of open spaces to look out. The railing also uses two colors to make it a little more distinct.

7. Rainbow-colored deck railing

Let a rainbow be your inspiration when it comes to your deck railing design. Whether you're installing a new railing or want to give your old one some life, all you need to do in this case is add a range of colors to each section. Opt for bright and cheerful shades or soft and calming colors.

8. Ornately artistic deck railing

Create a deck space for your home that's truly eye-catching by installing a fabulously ornate railing. With black metal posts and white panels that are so intricate and captivating that they're almost like pieces of art, it's hard to imagine anyone who adores creativity and craftsmanship not absolutely falling in love with this deck railing option.

9. Sleek modern deck railing

If you want a modern deck railing but would also like something that blends into both the overall design of your home and surrounding property, then you'll want to consider this sleek option. The thin wood handrail matches the floor of the deck while the thin white metal posts and wire keep things cohesive and open.

10. Glass and metal deck railing

This railing not only keeps the view from the deck intact but the metal posts and handrail that surround clear glass panels seem to create frames that make each spot look like a photo you've captured. Just be sure to use glass that's strong, won't easily streak, and will be quick to clean if needed.

11. Railing with decorative diagonal details

By using relatively thin pieces of wood that are different lengths and angling each one carefully in a specific spot, you end up with a deck railing that displays a lovely decorative diagonal pattern. While this design looks amazing with natural untreated wood, you could also stain or paint the wood if you would prefer.

12. Cabin-like deck railing

Sitting on a deck at a cabin in the woods can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. That's why you might appreciate having the same sort of vibe at home with your own cottage-worthy deck that features a cabin-like railing. Simply opt for a wood design along with paint in natural colors such as a deep forest green.

13. Beachy rope deck railing

If you would rather spend time near the ocean or by a lake, then you might adore having a deck railing that has a beachy aesthetic. Along with natural wood posts that can be left to become wonderfully weathered, all you need is a thicker rope that's both functional and attractive to hang between the posts.

14. Minimalistic grey deck railing

If you prefer a look that leans toward minimalistic, then you may want a railing that is straightforward in a perfectly chic kind of way. This option uses wood boards that have been painted a dark smoky gray that matches the rest of the deck to create a sleek and stylish addition to the outside space.

15. Floral wrought iron railing

Whether you're able to have a new wrought iron railing made for your home or are able to find an antique one that would fit your deck, it can be a stunning addition to your property and feature a range of designs. For instance, this railing boasts beautiful details in the shape of leaves and flowers.

16. Low horizontal wood railing

Choose a railing that makes your deck feel like a cozy enclosed space while also making sure that you can enjoy the views around you. This railing uses horizontal lengths of wood and keeps the height rather low. On top of that, the light color of the wood adds to the unimposing look of this railing.

17. Bold wood deck railing

This railing adds a bold touch to the deck due to the thicker wood that's been used. A seemingly sturdy wood in a slightly darker shade certainly helps to define the outside space. However, the railing still has a delicate appearance thanks to the attractive x-shaped design.

18. Deck railing with built-in lights

Be sure that you'll be able to enjoy your deck both during the bright day and dark night by adding built-in lighting to your railing design. While you could opt to install lights at any height along the posts, this version pops them on top so that they can truly shine over the outside space.

19. Wood railing with curved metal

At first glance, this deck railing might seem like it's merely a simple wood and metal design. However, not only is the wood a lovely light shade, as is the metal, but the bars are also curved. With each metal piece arching outward, the bend creates a look that is definitely pleasing to the eye.

20. Beautiful black and white railing

There's a good chance that you'll be charmed by every inch of this railing, from the handrail with curved sides and thick carved posts to the exquisite additions in the middle. At the same time, painting it black and white only helps to bring out the details, which is definitely a smart and stylish choice.