Are The Least Expensive Desks At IKEA Worth Buying?

Since the pandemic, many businesses have turned to online, work-from-home solutions as in-person office positions were no longer safe for their community of workers. Now that the vaccine has taken effect, however, many businesses were given the green light to bring their employees back to the office. Although some companies did choose to return to their pre-COVID working environments, many also decided to keep their online positions or even create hybrid positions due to the productivity and convenience it provides for their workers (per Apollo Technical).

As online and hybrid working positions continue to become more and more popular, it may be time to either incorporate or upgrade a home office space within your household. Although your home office space doesn't need to be elaborate, The Balance Small Business recommends a variety of essentials that can improve your comfort and productivity as you work from home, starting with a desk. Unfortunately, depending on the furniture store you decide to purchase from, a desk can become a rather expensive investment. Fortunately, IKEA is packed with plenty of stylish and cheap desk options that you are bound to fall in love with. Let's take a look at some of their least expensive options below.

Brusali desk

One of the least expensive desks you can get at IKEA is the BRUSALI desk, which can be purchased for the small sum of $80. As seen from the website's images, this desk boasts a smooth dark wood that gives it a very traditional appearance. In addition, the functionality of this desk seems to be very traditional. The smooth surface provides around 35 ⅜ inches by 20 ½ inches of working space. Along with the working space, there are also three adjustable side shelves for storage with an additional back shelf to store any sort of cables or chargers that you may need as you work.

According to IKEA's website, their customers rate this desk a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many people have commented that this desk made a very stylish addition to their home and is perfect for a variety of different uses, whether that be studying or working from home. Unfortunately, some of the less positive reviews claim that the desk was too small for them to work on. These claims, however, were backed-up with more positive comments that state that the size allows it to fit perfectly into their home and that the desk was a good investment for the small amount they paid for it — making this a great choice if you don't mind a smaller sized desk.

Micke desk

Another inexpensive desk available at IKEA is the MICKE desk, which only costs around $90. Unlike the BRUSALI desk, the images show that this desk has a slick white surface that will fit beautifully into any simple or modern home. If white is not your style, this desk is also available in three other colors: black, black with red accents, and white with black accents. Regardless of color, however, the surface of the desk provides around 41 ⅜ inches by 19 ⅝ inches of working space with the addition of three different-sized drawers that are perfect when wanting to keep your desktop clear of clutter. Although there is no back shelf to store cords or chargers you may need as you work, there is a functional hole in the desk's surface that allows you to easily plug in your appliances without tangling yourself in cords and wires.

The MICKE desk also received a rather high 4.6 out of 5 stars. Many customers specifically mention how easy the desk was to put together; some even said that it was so easy that their children were able to put it together without help from an adult. Although most customers purchased this desk for their children, they raved about how useful it was during their homeschooling process or after school when their children came home with homework, making it a worthwhile purchase if you have kids.