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University Of Arizona
University Of Maryland
Home Organization, Cleaning, Real Estate
  • Deirdre recently worked with a designer to coordinate the various aspects of her master bathroom renovation project.
  • Throughout her life, Deirdre has found historical architecture very interesting and enjoys touring historical landmarks.
  • Deirdre finds it very satisfying to turn disorganized chaos into something more functional and organized.


Deirdre has been a freelance writer since early 2019. Before having children, Deirdre was an elementary school teacher for 11 years. After she left the teaching profession to stay home with her first child, Deirdre discovered her passion for writing through exploring different work-from-home opportunities. Since that time, Deirdre's work has been featured in a variety of publications in addition to Daily Meal, including, U.S. News & World Report,, and House Digest. During her time as a freelance writer, she has written about an extensive range of topics, including health, home and family, cooking, investing, pet care, product reviews, education, how-tos, and more.


Deirdre has dual bachelor's degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park.
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