25 Stylish Ottomans To Spruce Up Your Living Space

When choosing new décor for your home, you might find yourself picking out the larger pieces first like your sofa or bed, and then tracking down accents and accessories to enhance them. However, if you want to have an ottoman or two in various rooms, then you might want to make that choice more than just an afterthought. As interior designer Frank de Biasi told The New York Times while noting the serene look and ambiance it can help create, "The ottoman is as important as the sofa."

That's why de Biasi urges people to consider a few things before picking out an ottoman. For instance, you'll want to figure out whether or not you want it to be easily moved around. If so, then you definitely don't want an ottoman that's too heavy and might prefer one that can be wheeled around. Beyond that, you should look for an ottoman that balances out the rest of the furniture and is an ideal size. According to de Biasi, "Size is crucial — especially the height. You want the ottoman to be at least an inch lower than your sofa or chair. You don't want your feet going uphill, or down too low."

With that in mind, you'll be able to narrow down what kind of ottoman will work best in your home. However, there are still plenty of options to choose from, including these stylish ottomans that will surely spruce up your living space.

1. Black and white patterned ottoman

Thanks to an almost mesmerizing black and white pattern, this ottoman would look incredible in pretty much any modern space. You'll surely love that the piece features fabric that will make it soft enough for your feet if you want to throw them up, but it also has enough structure to keep its shape.

2. Large yet minimalist ottoman

Make a big impact on your minimalist space with a simple yet sizable ottoman. Although this option doesn't boast a strong color, bold pattern, or quirky design, its sleek fabric, slightly off-white shade, and fabulously straightforward shape that matches the equally attractive sofa, would make it a key addition to a chic Scandanavian-inspired style.

3. Coffee table ottoman

With a thin black metal frame holding up a plush top, this ottoman is both posh and comfy. It's also a touch taller than typical ottomans, which means that this version can be used to both rest your feet on and as a coffee table. Just be sure to put something flat and stable beneath your mug.

4. Seemingly layered ottoman

While this orange ottoman that matches the accompanying sofa might look simple at first, it's actually more dynamic than you might have realized. Thanks to a deep line that divides the top section of the ottoman, it appears as if it's layered. A fantastic choice for a room that needs a little punch without too much flair.

5. Leather poof ottoman

The strips of leather that have been used for this ottoman shape a rounded poof that would look incredible in any boho chic room or could be a warm touch to an otherwise cool industrial space. If you would prefer not to have real leather in your home, then you can always opt for a faux version.

6. Velvet cube ottoman

It's hard to decide what aspect of this ottoman is the most pleasing. While it might be the stunning dark teal color, it might also be the striking cube shape. At the same time, it could also be the subtly fuzzy velvet fabric that would make this piece a luxurious addition to various classic or contemporary rooms.

7. Pinched and poofy ottoman

Poofed, scrunched, and pinched in all of the right spots along with boasting a smooth section in the very center of the top, this ottoman looks both wonderfully comfortable and absolutely adorable. That sweet nature is only enhanced by the bright yellow color. However, this piece would look just as amazing in any other shade.

8. Woven ottoman

This is another stylish ottoman that uses a rounded shape, but does so with a unique twist. This option features a look that gives off a woven, crocheted, or knitted vibe. If that happens to be the kind of handiwork that you can tackle, then you might be able to make an ottoman like this for yourself.

9. Massive lounge-worthy leather ottoman

This ottoman is so big and comfy that it seems like it would be impossible to resist lounging on it whenever you get the chance. That means it would be a great choice for an area where you need additional seating. Again, if real leather isn't your first choice, then you can find a fake version.

10. Metal and woven ottoman

Although this ottoman also has a section that features funky weaving, the design takes the remainer of the piece in a very different direction. While the woven bit gives off the look of a light wicker, the frame of the piece is a gray metal that's curved which keeps the shape from being too harsh.

11. Chic cubed ottoman

This chic cube-shaped ottoman features smaller textured cubed sections on each side that add additional visual interest to this otherwise simple design. While it's a style that would work perfectly in a modern abode, the tan color might work best in a room with other subtle shades as opposed to potentially overwhelming tones.

12. Contemporary circular ottoman

This stunning ottoman, which is both low and wide, doesn't need a bold color or complex pattern to make its mark on this modern living space. Instead, its mere size and contemporary circular design are what stand out. At the same time, an ottoman in this shape would likely look incredible in pretty much any other color.

13. Tall turquoise ottoman

The trendy turquoise color of this ottoman is certainly enough to fall in love with as is the luxurious velvety covering. Beyond that, the shape is wonderfully enticing and would make it a unique piece in any room. However, it's the tall black wooden legs that truly sets this stylish option apart and might make it irresistible.

14. Retro circular ottoman with legs

If you love the idea of a tall ottoman but corners and edges won't suit the style that you're aiming for, then you might want to opt for this sort of circular design instead. With a plump pillow-like top and slim legs in a light shade of wood, it has an almost retro look.

15. Soft stacked ottoman

Fabulously unusual and uniquely fashionable, this fun ottoman appears to be a trio of soft pillows strapped together with a band of fabric. If you want something like this in your own home but can't find one to purchase, then you could DIY a piece like this and use fabrics that match your room perfectly.

16. Black basket ottoman

This slightly deceptive ottoman looks like a big, bulbous basket or even a cage that's made of beautiful black metal or wood of the same color. With small feet on the bottom and a flat top, you'll surely be impressed with how sturdy it is when you toss your feet up at the end of the day.

17. Green velvet pouf ottoman

Add a refined touch to your residence while giving yourself a spot to relax by choosing an ottoman like this gorgeous dark green velvet pouf. While it looks like a large floor pillow, the curved bottom and flat top make it the perfect shape for its comfy purpose while also ensuring that it's super stylish.

18. Dynamic denim ottoman

Keep your living space looking both cozy and cool with a denim ottoman. This dynamic circular option happens to be on the wider side, which definitely suits the spacious room it's in. However, you could opt for a denim ottoman in various shapes and sizes that would look just as good.

19. Velvet ottoman with long fringe

There's more than one reason to absolutely adore this ottoman. The plush velvety top's deep turquoise color is simply luscious. That's then enhanced by the long fringe that's a shade of dark blue that's just as rich. A striking accent in a contemporary room, it would be just as eye-catching in any swanky space.

20. Tufted light gray leather ottoman

This sleek light gray leather ottoman takes the tufted look to the extreme and definitely makes it work. Giving the somewhat simple design a punch of style, the indented buttons create cute dimples that you can't miss and may love. The flat bottom anchors it visually while also keeping the ottoman stable on the floor.

21. Leather and wood pedestal ottoman

This ottoman couldn't have been sleeker thanks to the various materials that have been used. Along with a metal base, it boasts a top that's a combination of curved wood for stability with stuffed leather for softness. While it matches the chair in this minimalist living space, it would also look fabulous with a contrasting piece.

22. Boho artisan ottoman

Add an artisanal detail to your boho-styled room with an ottoman that captures the same vibe. For instance, this low piece has a polished wood base that's carved in a way that gives it an oval shape with slightly curved legs. That's along with a puffy woven top that features a charmingly colorful design.

23. Long and slim ottoman

Depending on the shape of your room, the size of your furniture, or perhaps just your personal preference, a long and slim ottoman might be just the thing that you've had in mind. This awesome option uses wooden legs that are fairly simple and then takes things up a notch by adding a vibrant cushioned top.

24. Ottoman with wooden handles

While this ottoman has a rather straightforward design, the rounded wooden legs and comfortably curved top are attractive in a minimalist kind of way. Of course, this ottoman also features something a little different. Thanks to wooden handles on each side, you would be able to easily pick up and move the item as needed.

25. Velour ottoman with a tray

With a piece like this, which would suit any stylish room, you'll end up with both an ottoman and a coffee table. A fuzzy velour circle gives you enough space to put up your feet if needed while a black tray in the middle offers you a spot to safely set down your coffee cup.