The Best Way To Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser For A Nice-Smelling Home

You could have the cleanest, most organized home — but if it doesn't smell its best, chances are good that tidy space won't be enjoyable to relax in. You're probably thinking other factors, like decorating and dusting, are the most important elements for elevating your space (and they're definitely helpful), however, a nice-smelling home is more important than you may realize. According to Scientific American, studies continue to show that a fragranced environment can positively impact your mood, memory, mental health, and even physical well-being.

One fragrance-providing device that many people reach for when scenting their home is an essential oil diffuser, which disperses natural fragrances into the air. However, keeping it clean and properly maintained is critical for long-term use and a quality aroma, especially if you use different scents in your diffuser, advises Good Housekeeping. If you skip out on cleaning it, residue from all of those essential oils will collect over time and clog it up, leaving you with a mechanism that doesn't work very well. There are some specific things to keep in mind when cleaning your oil diffuser, and we've got the lowdown on how to best do it.

Clean your oil diffuser after every use

If rinsed after every use and lightly cleaned on a regular basis, your oil diffuser should only need a proper deep cleaning once a month or so, according to health and wellness company Everlasting Comfort. The light cleaning process doesn't even take much work! All you need is rubbing alcohol, water, and dishwashing detergent, preferably all-natural. You could even use versatile vinegar instead of detergent, especially white distilled vinegar, which is the best type to use for cleaning, explains Healthline

Before you begin, there are some light housekeeping notes that need attention. First, take a look at the diffuser's instruction manual. Not all oil diffusers are created equal, and the last thing you want to do is ruin yours to the point that you can't return it. Unplug the diffuser and do not submerge any of it in water. It goes without saying that water and electricity do not mix.

After emptying and rinsing the reservoir, wipe the inside with a cloth and either the natural dishwashing detergent or a vinegar solution. Rinse it with water and place it on a hand towel to dry thoroughly. Don't forget the plate at the top where the oil is dispersed. Using a Q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol, simply run the cotton swab along the plate, ensuring an even and clean stream of fragrance for subsequent uses.

How to deep clean your oil diffuser

Okay, so you missed a few daily cleanings here and there (or every time). No worries! The same initial housekeeping rules apply with the deep clean: unplug the diffuser, empty the reservoir, and do not submerge it in water. To achieve a truly deep clean, all you have to do is fill the reservoir with a teaspoon of distilled white vinegar and water, then run it like you usually would. You may want to set the diffuser outside for this process, according to Good Housekeeping, unless the fragrance of white vinegar is something you enjoy.

Once it's run its course, unplug the diffuser, and wipe it down with a dry cloth. Although the vinegar solution helped break down any oils that collected in the tank over time, the plate at the top should still be swabbed down, per Everlasting Comfort. While you have that Q-tip out, also swab any smaller nooks and crannies that may be difficult to reach. The next time you go to enjoy your diffuser, you may even notice a cleaner and stronger essential oil scent! Be sure to wipe it down after every use moving forward to ensure a longer lasting, maximized fragrance experience.