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New York University, Central Washington University
Makeup Tutorials, Beauty Hacks, Fashion Trends
  • Lindsay has produced and edited over 500 published articles showcasing her passion and knowledge of the beauty and lifestyle space.
  • She previously dabbled in TV journalism, where she worked on the true crime show "48 Hours" on CBS. However, her storytelling spirit and hunger for creation always guide her back to her first love: writing.
  • When she is not editing articles at Glam, Lindsay adds content to her beauty website, which sees hundreds of monthly visitors worldwide.


Lindsay is a published writer and editor with over six years of editorial experience. In 2017, an essay she wrote while pursuing her undergraduate degree was published both in print and online in one of the United Kingdom's most influential literary magazines — and ever since then, that desire to see her words come to life has only grown. Lindsay is forever in love with the beauty and lifestyle space, specializing in various topics, including makeup, skincare, hair, nails, and fashion. Keeping up to date on all the latest trends, she has skillfully built an overflowing vanity collection of cosmetics and skincare products, fueling her passion and knowledge for beauty and lifestyle-related content. Her work can be found in The List, Thought Catalog, LifeSavvy, House Digest, Drink Me Magazine, Litro Magazine U.K., and more.


Lindsay holds a bachelor's degree in professional and creative writing from Central Washington University and a master's in American Journalism from New York University. This education helps her bring her keen editorial eye to everything she writes and edits.
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