Is All-White Home Decor Going Out Of Style?

Monochromatic, all-white decorations are known for making homes appear clean and fresh. When an entire room is white, it's easier to choose décor pieces and to create a cohesive design. Further, according to Modern Mrs Darcy, not all-white rooms are the same, as some are more cool-toned, while others have a warmer tinge. Additionally, the unique use of materials and textures sets each space apart.

However, some people argue that all-white areas are boring, uninviting, and lack personality. Many complain that these rooms are difficult to keep clean, as dirt and scuff marks will easily show on the walls and furniture. Others believe that white decorations look much better in photographs than they actually do in real life.

Perhaps you're wondering if all-white home décor is going out of style. Below, you'll discover the answer, as well as additional tips for using this neutral color in your home.

Is all-white décor on its way out?

Many interior designers believe that all-white designs are on their way out of style. According to Insider, homeowners are adding lots of color to make their spaces feel warmer and cozier. Veranda agrees and adds that muted colors and fun patterns are becoming more popular than all-white. Another Insider article says that light decorations and furniture pieces are becoming less popular because they're impractical, especially for those with pets or young children. One of the most popular places to use all-white is in the kitchen, but designers also agree that this trend is going out of style. Pacaso states that it doesn't matter whether bold or subtle colors are used in the kitchen, as any tone other than white is welcome. 

However, even with all of the negative opinions, some will always believe that all-white is a classic choice. Decor Matters says that white is timeless because it makes a room feel more spacious, bright, and modern. And, unlike more daring trends like wallpapered ceilings or dark paint tones, all-white could easily be combined with other elements to add interest.

How to jazz up an all-white space

If you currently have a space filled with only white pieces and want to make it more on-trend, you'll need to add some color and texture. Decor Matters says that you could easily incorporate an accent shade while still keeping most of the pieces neutral. You could also paint an accent wall, which would really stand out against the rest of the pure white space. Or, if you like a completely neutral design, you could add warmth through natural wood tones.

Additionally, it may be helpful to know where all-white looks best in your home. According to Modern Mrs Darcy, white rooms that don't get a lot of natural light may appear boring, while ones with plenty of windows will feel warm and welcoming. Therefore, pay attention to how much light each room gets when deciding upon a design. Further, HGTV explains that white decorations are easier to keep clean in low-traffic areas like guest rooms, especially when using a light-colored area rug.