The Trendiest Ways To Style A White Sofa

White sofas can be intimidating, but they are easier to clean and style than you think. The idea of getting a white sofa dirty is the main reason why people tend to avoid them. However, depending on the fabric of your white couch, there are ways you can prevent stains. White leather is the easiest fabric to clean, and it's durable, too: All you need is a wet cloth to wipe off a stain. The trick with cleaning stains is not to let them sit; you should be wiping any spills as soon as possible, as per The Every Girl. White linen, cotton, and polyester couches are a little more tricky: You'll need an upholstery cleaner to cleanse what you can't throw in a washing machine. Although, with these fabrics, you can use a slipcover to prevent stains altogether.

There are so many different ways to style a white couch; it's a blank canvas that can fit with almost any accent color. Colors and patterns can be incorporated through pillows, throw blankets, carpets, or wall paint. And according to the LA Furniture Blog, if you have a small living room, a white couch would be a great option for you because white will reflect light, making your room look spacious and bright.

1. Different textures

Decorating a room around a white couch leaves you open to all kinds of colors, patterns, and textures. This couch is styled with velvet pillows, a chunky carpet, a rattan coffee table, and a side table. 

2. Contrast colors

Styling a white couch in a room painted black looks beautiful. The contrast is stark, but it works perfectly for a modern-style sofa. 

3. Add color with a carpet

Carpets are a great way to incorporate color in a room styled with white walls and a white couch. 

4. Tan pillows

Brown, tan, and yellow colors go well with white sofas. Here, the tan pillows match the lampshade, and the striped pillows add more visual appeal.

5. Slipcover

This room shows how to style a slipcover over your couch without it looking dated. What makes this trendy are the other decor choices in the room, like the carpet and chair.

6. Industrial style

In an industrial-style room, there is a lot of metal and wood used. This white couch fits right in because of its wooden legs. 

7. Brighten a room

This white couch is very structured and helps brighten the room by reflecting all the sunlight that shines through the large windows.

8. Warm tones

A white couch looks great styled with warm colors. Add some curtains in terracotta hues and white and light burnt orange throw pillows. The velvet texture of the curtains and cushions will add to the style of the room.

9. Wood accents

This room styles the white couch with accents of wood and shades of blue — the wood legs of the couch tie in with the coffee tables, mirror, and console table.

10. Round-shaped couch

The shape of a sofa can make a big difference. This sofa looks like a bubbly cloud, softening the room from any harsh lines. 

11. Pops of color

This room incorporates the wall color with the blue theme of the room. It makes the white sofa pop out against the dark blue walls, and the pillow ties in with the overall theme.

12. Sofa with no legs

A sofa with no legs makes a statement. It's different than most couches and feels inviting as a place to lay down and relax. 

13. Black accents

Nothing pops out against a white sofa like the color black. So here, the white sofa and walls are the backdrop for the touches of black in the fireplace, lamp, coffee table, carpet, and window frame.

14. Corner sofa

A corner sofa like this one structures the space in a room. In open-concept homes and studio apartments, these sofas can be positioned to break up large areas into different sections.

15. Boho style

Despite boho often incorporating a lot of color in its style, a white couch can look great. Here, the room's natural feel is shown with the plants, jute carpet, wood coffee table, and bamboo chairs. The earth tones are the focus of the design, and the white couch works to keep the attention on the other elements.