You Can Stay In A Washington Airbnb That's A Castle In A Field Of Lavender

You no longer have to be in a Taylor Swift music video to enjoy roaming around a castle and dramatically singing your heart out (via YouTube); now you can rent a castle on Airbnb. Located in Sequim, Washington, it's the perfect getaway for living out your king or queen dreams. Known as the "Lavender Capital of North America," the City of Sequim notes that the area has a lot to offer, and you can enjoy it all while staying at this stunning castle.

You and your guests can have the whole house to yourself for $270 a night. It sleeps up to 12 people, making it ideal for large families or groups of friends who can split the cost. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms with an additional trundle bed and fold down couches available. While they do allow dogs, there's an extra $25 to $45 fee, and your furry friends are not allowed upstairs or on any furniture. The castle has earned 4.75 stars from 343 reviews, and reviewers absolutely love it, noting that it is truly special and definitely unique.

A castle experience to remember

The pictures from the Airbnb listing make it clear that this castle is a beautiful place to stay no matter the time of year. If you want to visit during peak season, Sequim Lavender Experience says that mid-July is the time to go to be steeped in the calming scent of lavender. The castle itself has fantastic stylings that embrace the medieval theme. Thoughtful details such as goblets, chandeliers, and Gothic-inspired décor bring the space to life. Armor and swords decorate corners and walls, and the rounded doorways usher in a vibe that's reminiscent of the movie "A Knight's Tale."

The basement features costumes so you and your friends can dress up in order to immerse yourself into the characters. There's a large dining table where all your loyal subjects can join you for dinner, and a roaring fireplace will warm up the room and create an ambiance that's impossible to beat. One of the bedrooms features a king-sized bed, while the other has a queen. Everywhere you look, expertly chosen furniture welcomes you to sit, talk, sip wine, and spend quality time with the ones you love. There's even a curved stairway to climb up on your way to the bedrooms.

Aesthetic and cozy outdoor amenities

Your epic journey at this Airbnb doesn't start when you walk into the home. Instead, it begins as soon as you pull up to the castle and the gravel driveway crunches satisfyingly under the car tires. The gardens surrounding the house are immaculately cared for and welcome you as you arrive. There are plenty of windows to enjoy the view of these gardens and, of course, the surrounding lavender. A cozy hot tub is open all year-round but don't worry about the utilities; they've recently installed solar panels, so the castle is now powered by clean energy. There's also a large outdoor round table where you can enjoy lavish meals, and a campfire where you can roast marshmallows.

Nearby you can explore the lavender fields and dramatically run through them in a long gown or knight's armor if the mood suits. Or you can put on some sensible shoes and walk to a dog park or nature trail. Downtown Sequim is within walking distance too, and it's there that you'll find coffee houses, grocery stores, and other shopping opportunities (via Sequim Washington).