The Property Brothers Advise Home Sellers To Not Make These Common Mistakes

Before putting your house on the market, it's important to prepare or even stage it so you get the best offers. After all, the ultimate goal when selling your home is to make it desirable to the largest number of buyers. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 74% of real estate agents say prospective homeowners know what they're looking for before starting to peruse different options. In other words, your main goal shouldn't be to persuade but rather to appeal to the widest audience. 

The Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, agree. "When you're trying to sell your home, the bigger the pool of people who might be interested in your product, the better a price you're going to get," said Jonathan Scott (via Realtor). One of the best ways to achieve this is to know what to steer clear from. To this end, the duo share three of the most common selling mistakes — and how avoiding them not only can help you sell for more money, but also much faster.

Designing based on personal tastes

First things first: Before starting any renovations, forget about your personal style. "What you like doesn't matter. What matters is only what buyers like," Jonathan Scott explains per Style at Home. "Look at your house through the eyes of a buyer and be honest with yourself about what needs to be improved." In that vein, when painting, renovating, and staging, focus on what you think most people like, not what you enjoy. For instance, instead of painting your kitchen a bold orange tone, opt for a more neutral or popular color. 

Further, the Scott brothers also warn against focusing all your attention on just one room. "You're better off doing a light makeover everywhere, with a little extra focus on the kitchen and baths, rather than spending all your budget on, say, just the kitchen," Jonathan Scott said (via Grace Frank Group). Every area in the home should feel updated and new, even if the changes are just cosmetic, such as adding a fresh coat of paint. Additionally, Drew Scott points out that, when deciding how to renovate, base your decisions on "what buyers are looking for in your area," which may require some research.

Leaving personal items out when staging

After remodeling, it's all about staging your home. However, a little due diligence goes a long way. For example, a huge mistake many people make is leaving their personal items, such as family photos, out for potential buyers to see. "Decluttering and depersonalizing allows buyers to picture themselves in the space, which they can't do if you have a bunch of your photos and kids' art everywhere," Drew Scott says (via the Grace Frank Group). In an interview with HGTV, Drew Scott reiterates this idea in another way: "Depersonalize: Pack up the family photos and artifacts. Declutter: Clean off the countertops and pack away the knick-knacks."

After completing this important task, it's time to decorate, which should be done with mostly neutral pieces that provide interest. Jonathan Scott says to "work with a home stager or designer, who can make the most of your existing furniture or bring in pieces to fill the space," via the Grace Frank Group. Just like how decluttering personal items helps buyers see themselves living in the space, so does staging correctly. Of course, while it can be hard for an empty house to feel like a home, one that's beautifully decorated will draw people in.

Failing to clean extra well

While this may seem obvious, the Property Brothers say that many sellers make this common mistake: failing to clean their homes. "Most of the nasty houses we tour on 'Property Brothers' would get thousands of dollars more if they just cleaned them," Drew Scott says (via the Grace Frank Group) "Nobody wants to picture themselves in a filthy house."

Drew Scott expressed a similar sentiment in an HGTV article: "As a final touch, make your house sparkle. Wash the windows and clean away the old cobwebs. Simple steps make a huge difference and can lead to a sold sign on your house." And his brother agrees: According to, "Decluttering and cleaning [are] so important."

Therefore, this step is crucial, as it will make your home feel newer and more welcoming. Windows are especially important to clean, as they will allow more natural light in and warm up the space. Those with homes that have been well maintained can likely do the cleaning themselves, while others may need to hire a professional.