Why The Curved Bathroom Trend Makes Your Space Feel More Relaxing

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Imagine, for a moment, two doorways in a home: one is boxy with straight edges while the other has a curved arch. Which one would you walk through? If you chose the curved doorway, you may desire to create a calm space in your home. Because they're less rigid than straight ones, rounded edges can bring in a sense of coziness that makes your home feel much more welcoming.

Since the bathroom is often a place to retreat and wind down after a long day, it's one of the best rooms to design with curves. If you already have an arched piece in your bathroom, drawing more attention to it through bold wall paint, wallpaper, or lighting could be just what the space needs. On the other hand, maybe everything in your room has sharp corners. If so, you could add some soft edges, either through the architecture, fixtures, or furniture, to make your bathroom feel more relaxing.

How to design a curved bathroom

As stated, you could include an arched doorway in your bathroom, which would bring a soft element to the architecture. Other structural changes you could update include installing rounded windows or a curved shower niche. However, unless you're completely remodeling your bathroom, these choices would be the most difficult to create. Instead, you may want to install some new fixtures, which would be easier to add to your already-designed space. Freestanding bathtubs often have the rounded look you're desiring, and there are plenty of vanities with soft edges, as well as sinks with circular basins. 

Another easy way to include curves is through the furniture, and Wayfair has lots of great options. For instance, you could include an organically shaped mirror bordered with wood, a plush light pink vanity stool, or an arched steel shelving unit. Further, don't feel like you need to replace everything, as mixing straight and curved edges will create a dynamic feel.

Choosing the right color palette

Another important aspect of this design choice is choosing the right colors to match the shapes. Basically, it all comes down to the undertones — instead of choosing cool ones, lean into some warmer shades. Terracotta, brown, taupe, off-white, and beige are often used in spaces that feature curved pieces. Livingetc also suggests designing with natural elements, as this will contribute to the relaxing feel. For instance, clay vases, wooden flooring, and neutral colors will all make the bathroom feel more zen. They also point out that, while shiny finishes make a space feel more futuristic, matte finishes pair better with relaxing spaces, so keep this in mind when choosing cabinet hardware, faucets, and materials.

These tones could easily be brought in through wall or cabinet paint colors, but there is also an easier way to add them to your bathroom: Decorate with small elements. You'll get bonus points if you match warm tones with curved pieces, such as a round vase in beige and terracotta colors, sold from Amazon.