How To Add Curved Furniture Pieces In Your Home

The curved furniture trend is a design trend revived from the '70s (and/or '80s, per Nook & Find), and according to design blog ITALIANBARK, it seems this time it could be here to stay. The blast-from-the-past trend is one of a kind, and it's been growing in popularity in the worlds of art, design, and home decor.

This style trend is warm and inviting, yet elegant and chic. Curved furniture pieces are unique, feminine, and embody a soft aesthetic of contemporary design that can effortlessly transform the energy in a home.

The curved furniture trend sets itself apart from the average home decor in all the best ways — it's graceful and different, and it's also not a design style everyone goes for, but it could be for you if you have the right eye to make the curved pieces work. Go beyond your horizons and spruce up your home with some curved furniture; your home decor makeover could be on its way.

Go curved or go home

It's no secret that curved furniture is an option for modern interior design, especially when paired with other aesthetically pleasing shapes. To get with the curved furniture trend, invest in pieces that will make a statement and speak for themselves, but still flow naturally in the room. According to Omysa, you should go for pieces with edged angles as well as geometric lines. For example, a curved couch will look beautiful and modern paired with a rectangular coffee table. Don't hesitate to pair similar pieces together as well like an oval coffee table overlaying an oval rug or couch.

Play with circular accent tables and curvy dining chairs. You want to create balance in the space and not overdo it by trying to force decor to go together. You also don't want to overcrowd your space, so if you despise clutter, minimal decor and furniture can be a great thing in this case. As Modsy recommends, start small if you're still unsure about this design trend; a pouf, for example, or an accent chair could be the perfect starting point.

It's all about you

Choosing comfortable furniture that looks great together is key to the curved furniture trend because this is your personal space. You want it to look bomb, but you want to feel excited and relaxed about being in the space, too. Your home decor is a reflection of your peace and your personality. Colors are a personal preference, but if you're going for a calm, soft feminine glow-up, neutrals like beige, tan, chestnut, forest green, and white are perfect go-to colors. When it comes to curved furniture, the more soothing the colors are, the better, according to Better Homes & Gardens.

If you don't want to go all out with curved home decor, consider creating your own personal corner. Go for circular plush throw pillows or ones with square pillows with pointy edges. Two curved chairs surrounding a round coffee table is a great way to create a focal point in the room (via DecorPad, Modsy). The arrangement also creates a space for conversation when hosting guests, according to BHG. Natural textures like wood, stone, and woven objects are perfect choices for incorporating organic decor to match the curved furniture. When paired together, both will bring out the exclusivity of any room very well.