Why You'll Want To Use A Coffee Filter In Your Pots When Gardening

While the primary use of coffee filters is to help you prepare your favorite cup of coffee in the morning, their simplicity makes them a versatile tool even outside the kitchen. So if you have a few extra coffee filters lying around your pantry with nothing to do, a good way of putting them to use is by lining them at the bottom of your flower pots. As most homeowners know, although indoor plants come with benefits like purifying the air and improving your mental health, caring for them can be incredibly frustrating — especially for beginners. 

Therefore, any hack that can help make this activity less of a hassle is always welcomed. So how can coffee filters help your plants, and do they pose any potential hazards? If you can't find answers to these questions, here is what you need to know about these kitchen products and why they are used in the garden.

Helps with drainage problems

Watering your potted plants doesn't have to be frustrating; however, if you are an avid gardener, you know this process is not as simple as it looks. One challenge most gardeners experience at some point is preventing dirt from flowing away whenever they attempt to water their plants. This is often caused when water runs through the pot quicker than usual, allowing dirt to flow out from the drainage holes and even cause a clog. If root rot is common amongst your house plants, you may have unknowingly dealt with similar issues.

Other than that, dirt flowing through the drainage holes can be a nuisance because it will create a huge mess in your house. Although other substances like gravel can help solve this problem, a coffee filter is the best material to line the bottom of your flower pots. This is because the material is thin and will not take up too much space inside the pot. Despite its lack of size, however, the filter prevents dirt from escaping through a pot's drainage holes while allowing free passage of air and excess water.

Retains moisture

Although a coffee filter is designed to allow water to pass through, it is also somewhat absorbent and will retain some water for your plant to enjoy. However, because of the thinness of the paper, the amount of water held is never substantial. Nevertheless, it might come in handy when you forget to water your plants or simply don't have the time to tend to them. 

The important thing is that the amount of retained water shouldn't be enough to cause root rot or even promote the growth of harmful bacteria in the soil. In fact, the only downside of using coffee filters in this manner is that they don't allow roots to grow through, according to the Commons Cafe, so transplanting the plant (filter and all) is not an option. Even so, these kitchen staples are a cheap and useful tool to help you grow a healthy, tidy indoor garden, especially for those who want a quick and easy solution to their drainage woes.