Emily Hopkins

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Nairobi, Kenya
Kenyatta University
Fashion & Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, Travel
  • Emily is a professional content writer and copywriter with the knowledge and skills to make your project a success. She has previously written for Viv Europe and Best in Singapore covering topics related to travel, food, tourism, finance, lifestyle, entertainment, services, and shopping. She is driven by her knowledge and passion to inspire change through informative writing.
  • Emily's greatest satisfaction emanates from seeing the impact her writeups have on people's lives. She runs an inspirational blog where she shares real life experiences.


Emily is a passionate and creative writer with over six years of experience in SEO content writing. She is very committed to providing value for her clients. She can write on different niche topics including fashion, DIY, lifestyle, food, travel, casinos, product reviews, business, and health, among others. She has written over 500 articles/blogs for the several website. Her work has been published by Viv Europe, Best in Singapore, and Cosmo Air Purifiers. When she's not working, Emily loves to travel and explore new places in order to get captivating ideas for her writing.


Emily has a bachelor's degree in Commerce from Kenyatta University located in Kenya's Nairobi, the green city under the sun.
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