This Type Of Furniture Will Make Your Garden Patio Look Bigger

Designing your patio takes more than just a few quick additions, especially if you have a smaller space. To make your area look larger and more open, there is a trick you can employ with patio furniture that will transform the final product. If you already have a tinier yard, you want it to be appealing and functional, providing family and friends with a comfortable outdoor area where they can sit and relax. 

While the following patio furniture hack can help, there are other ways to broaden the scope of your smaller outside spot. Statement pieces are one way to introduce dimension and also produce the idea of a more expansive yard. These don't need to be overdone, but two big items will balance your patio and open it up — but avoid using a lot of small additions that can have the opposite effect. Too many small elements create a busy effect, shrinking your space even more. Along with statement pieces, this furniture trick will turn your patio into a dreamy, spacious hangout.

Opt for curved pieces

Using curved outdoor furniture for your patio is one of the easiest ways to introduce a more spacious feel. According to Staunton & Henry, implementing curves within a space helps mute harsh or strict lines that draw attention to smaller spaces. In an area where the corners are super noticeable, or the layout is very pronounced with edges, curved additions can bring a softer appeal that pulls the eye away from a confined aesthetic.

When you opt for chairs, loungers, or arched couches, the overall impression is more welcoming, and people will be less inclined to think about the borders of the patio. Larger pieces, like an outdoor sofa, can curve in a half circle, allowing for better conversation and connection and leaving space for people to move and interact. Look for chairs and tables that are rounded or bent inward to create more room while also distracting from edges, corners, and harsh lines.

Tips for enlarging your small patio

Other ways to help make your patio look bigger include manipulating hedges into a rounded shape. When your plants exude a softer finish, they can lend to opening up your surrounding garden and outdoor area. Gardenuity also recommends painting walls surrounding the patio in lighter shades, which always help make a space appear larger. Light paint colors are a great way to make lines and corners disappear, broadening the scope of the entire room, patio, or anywhere you use this trick.

If there is a safe place to add one, incorporating a mirror on your patio area can also give the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors bounce light around, which in turn can make small areas feel bigger. While many people use this trick inside their homes, you can also try it outside and take advantage of the natural light that will reflect throughout the day. Between a couple of statement pieces, curved furniture, softer plant trimmings, and this last hack, your patio will look spacious and inviting regardless of size! Give it a try and play around with the different elements to see what works best in your outdoor area.