Keep Your Dryer Sheets Organized With This Clever Tissue Box Hack

If you've recently decided to hop on the bandwagon of organizing your laundry room, you know that no hack is too simple to make an impact. Swapping plastic jugs for transparent containers with spouts, adding in organizational bins to consolidate messes, and investing in wall hangers for hard-to-store items like your ironing board can all make laundry day feel like less of a chore. If you still feel like you could take it a step further, however, there's one more switch you could make. Instead of keeping them in their original packaging, try putting your dryer sheets in a tissue box for easy access and a more streamlined look. 

TikTok user Sara Buckley recently shared this hack with her 1.5 million followers, and it's safe to say that many were surprised that they never thought of this idea themselves. As tags like #laundrytok and #cleantok regularly amass billions of views, don't be shocked if the newest design trend is all about making your laundry room both functional and camera-ready.

How to use a tissue box in the laundry room

In her TikTok, Sara Buckley presents an empty tissue box and her normal box of dryer sheets. She puts the dryer sheets in her tissue box, pulls, and voila! Easy dryer sheet dispensing in an aesthetically-pleasing package, perfect to display on your shelf alongside your other well-organized containers of detergent and scent beads. In the video she opts for a white embossed tissue box, but this hack is easily customizable to fit your taste and laundry room's aesthetic.

For the best results, opt for a tissue box or tissue box cover that's durable, rather than one of the cardboard boxes tissues normally come in at the store. This way, it will be able to handle years of use without cracking, ripping or showing signs of wear. It's also best to go for something that contains longer tissues, rather than a square tissue box, so your dryer sheets will fit without a struggle.

Benefits of putting your dryer sheets in a tissue box

Opponents of this hack might argue that the box which dryer sheets come in is perfectly fine. That may be true, but if you're dedicated to maintaining an organized-looking laundry room, an abundance of labels can be visually overwhelming and detract from the work you put in to keep everything tidy. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person spends .17 hours a day doing laundry. That might not seem like much, but over the course of the year, that adds up to over 62 hours. If a bit of accessorizing in the laundry room is what it takes to make this time more enjoyable, what's the harm?

This hack isn't completely without functional merit, either. The design of a tissue box allows you to easily grab your dryer sheet and pull up the next without having to worry about them sticking together. It's a minor improvement, but sometimes, a little extra help is all we need to make doing laundry a bit more bearable.