Masie O'Toole

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Louisiana State University
Decor Trend Forecasting, DIY Furniture, Color Psychology
  • Masie has been interested in furniture and decor since her childhood.
  • She has taken woodworking and sewing classes and applies these skills to DIY home projects.
  • When she's not writing, she spends her time hunting for and restoring secondhand furniture finds.


Masie brings her interest in interior design and decor to House Digest, and she uses her lived experience and natural curiosity to inspire her writing for the site. She discovered her interest in journalism at a young age, first attempting to kickstart a campaign for a paper at her middle school. Once she reached college, she finally had the opportunity to explore her passion. Through her time working at the LSU Reveille as an entertainment writer, she gained valuable experience in writing, interviewing, and AP style. Soon, her work also brought her to KLSU, the school's radio station, where she began writing album and concert reviews. Since then, her articles have appeared in publications such as The Daily Advertiser, inRegister Magazine, Unpublished Zine, and The Courier. In 2022, the Arkansas Pro chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists nominated Masie for a Diamond Journalism Award.


Masie has a bachelor's degree in mass communication from Louisiana State University in journalism.
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