Use Marie Kondo's Folding Method To Keep Your Kitchen Towels In Check

Everything in its place, and a place for everything. Organization is key to finding things quickly and getting a task completed more efficiently. This especially rings true in the kitchen when you're trying to cook a meal or just cleaning up the place. And what if we told you that we found the perfect hack for organizing your dish towels? This folding method, created by Marie Kondo, makes storing your dish towels super quick and easy.

Another perk to employing this hack is that you can see every single towel when you open the drawer. So, choosing a towel becomes a lot easier than having to flip through a stack, especially if you're coordinating your seasonal d├ęcor in your kitchen. Plus, many of us have had to go back and straighten that same stack of towels again after sifting through them. When you start using this method, those days will be over, and you might even be able to fit all your dish towels into one drawer. All you have to do is follow Marie's method and see for yourself.

How to fold the towels

Marie's method is quite simple. You spread out your dish towel flat on a table (or kitchen counter, wherever you have the space), and you fold in half down the length of the towel. Then you will fold it again long ways, but this time in the opposite direction, with the sides meeting the crease. Next, while keeping the towel folded lengthwise, you will fold it in half to where all edges meet.

At this point, each side will resemble the folds of an accordion. You'll now take the top of your folded towel (assuming the crease is the top) and fold it to the middle. After that, you'll fold in the same direction one more time until your towel resembles a roll. Once you set it down on the counter with the edges facing downward, the towel should stay standing up without any help.

Finally, you'll just tuck it into the drawer along with its counterparts. You'll have no trouble with towels getting caught on the sides of the drawer, and even if you choose from the middle, the rest still remain standing. So no reorganization is necessary.

Where else can you apply this method?

Being that this method proves to be a time and space saver, you can try it on your dishcloths. Since those are smaller than the dishtowels, depending on how many you have and on the size of the drawer, you might be able to fit both in the same area. Just place the smaller towels in front of the bigger ones. This tip could help tremendously if you're limited on storage space in a small kitchen.

Furthermore, you can try this process on your bath towels and washcloths, particularly if you have storage bins or shelf dividers in your linen closet. Also, this can apply to storing extra towels in a guest bathroom drawer.

Are you ready to apply this folding method to other items in your home? It works on jeans also, except you'll fold them half down the length just once instead of twice, but the rest of the process is quite similar. You'll fold them half again to where the hem meets almost at the waistline, and then you'll do the trifold to where they stand up. Next, you can try folding other articles of clothing, tablecloths, small blankets, and just about anything else using this tip.