The Easiest Way To Make Your Home More Organized

Keeping your home in order can feel like a huge task, especially if you live independently or are on the move constantly. It can feel like the worst thing in the world to forever maintain your place, from picking up after yourself or your family to cleaning and organizing each room. If you find it hard at times to maintain your home clean, you're making your life harder than it needs to be because there are a number of simple ways to easily organize your space and the number one, most beneficial way starts with decluttering.

According to Simple Lionheart Life, the easiest way to keep your house organized is to avoid clutter at all costs. The purpose of organizing your home is so it looks and feels good to you. Of course, it's impossible for your place to always be neat unless you're a self-obsessed neat freak, but with proper organization, your entire residence can be clutter-free and organized 95% of the time.

Use the power of daily cleaning

Lifehack recommends cleaning one room in the home daily instead of waiting to clean the house all at once. With minimal cleaning each day, your home will look and feel more organized and neat. Not to mention, you'll feel a lot lighter in the space. If you're not fond of handling a whole room daily, try doing it in little spurts. That way, you won't feel overwhelmed or even dread cleaning up when the time comes because you won't have as much work as you're used to.

If you enjoy wiping down your house in totality, at least start with cleaning small areas around the house little by little to give yourself a much-needed break. This is a more effective way to get the job done than feeling like you have an endless to-do list of things to get done around the house in one day. It won't feel like such a hassle, nor will you dread the experience every time. So do yourself a favor and declutter ASAP. Get in the habit of working smarter, not harder, when it comes to household organization.

What works for you and what doesn't?

Pay more attention to what areas of the home are easily cluttered. For example, are you used to leaving clothes weekly on your bedroom chair? Do you wait for the sink to get full of dishes? Do you let water bottles pile up on your bed table? Take accountability for your clutter habits and make the necessary changes to simplify your life and home.

Lifehack recommends donating or selling old clothing items sitting in your closet that are taking up unnecessary space. Get rid of them if you don't want them or wear them. Also, shy away from excessive d├ęcor and furniture; minimalism is better. Besides, more is less because fewer accessories mean more focus on the space itself. It'll also look cleaner, neater, and larger. If you use a dish, do yourself a favor and wash it right then and there, especially if there weren't any dishes in the sink prior. You'll be glad you did so.