TikTok's Home Depot Carpet Hack Comes With Major Savings

Everyone loves how easily an area rug pulls a room together, but many people can happily admit they don't love the cost of these home additions. While they look great and add texture and comfort to a space, their price tags can be hefty and don't always fit into the d├ęcor budget. If you've been in this situation, there is an alternative that will still give you all the benefits, plus keep more money in your bank account rather than emptying your savings. The hack? Purchasing pre-rolled carpet from Home Depot instead of paying for an actual rug.

A trending Tik Tok video explains that by popping into your local Home Depot and requesting a pre-rolled carpet in the dimensions you would otherwise buy an area rug, you can cover the open floor for less than half of the price. The big point to keep in mind is that while this hack can accentuate a room and provide a cozy covering for hard flooring, it is not a patterned or graphic rug, so you won't be able to find designs. However, for the price and the size, it's worth considering this trick if you're decorating on a tighter budget.

Pre-rolled carpets can become large area rugs

In the video, TikTokker @sydiruth shows her followers a giant white "rug," which is actually the rolled carpet she bought from Home Depot. The covering is 8 feet by 12 feet and has bound edges, making it resemble a rug more than just standard carpeting you would purchase to do all of your floors. Thanks to the bound edges, the finished result is clean and looks like a giant rug, just without a specific pattern. She explains that the whole piece only cost her $90 and also notes that you need to request a "pre-rolled carpet" to get the product from her video. The sizes available may vary, and in one comment response, she notes that they were searching for a slightly smaller space covering but took what the store had.

Some comments did bring up the fact that not all Home Depot stores provide bonded or "finished" edges, so it's best to ask when you go into a store. You should also make sure the bottom of the carpet is safe for your flooring, as they don't come with a backing that protects certain materials like wood.

Tips for making this hack work for you

Looking at Home Depot's website, you can find rolled carpet for $.71 per square foot (depending on your location). If you're looking for an area rug around 8 feet by 12 feet (96 square feet), your total would come to about $68, while the cheapest pre-made area rug is $70 for the same size. The savings continue to surmount from there, however, as the rugs get more expensive, with some of the highest prices topping $700. The lowest-priced option also varies in reviews and only comes in one color and texture on the website. Opting for the carpet hack might give you more variety for a better overall cost.

Rugs are also known for making a space more inviting and engaging, and the white pre-rolled carpet from the video certainly adds a warm effect. You need to ask someone who works at the store for assistance with these, as noted in the video. While Home Depot was this user's store of choice, you might want to check out other places, including Lowe's, which commenters explained did the same hack. It might take some searching, but you won't be remiss to try local hardware stores if your search ends in a nice big carpet that passes as a stylish and simple rug!