This TikTok Hack Flattens A Curled Rug Corner By Using Ice Cubes

Immediately after purchasing a new area rug, you'll probably come across a common problem; an annoying curl at the corners. This issue occurs because rugs are typically rolled up when stored, and they may stay bent even after they're laid across the ground. Also, curled corners look less than ideal and could be a potential tripping hazard. Fortunately, there's an easy way to fix this problem, as displayed by TikTok user @mama_mila_.

All you need to complete this hack is a heavy object and a small handful of ice cubes. Once you've gathered these materials, place the heavy object on the very edge of the corner and the ice cubes right next to it. Then, leave these materials in place overnight or for a few hours. When you return, the ice cubes will be completely melted, and when you remove the heavy object, the corner of the rug won't curl back up and should stay completely flat.

How this ice cube hack works

This hack combines two recommended methods of flattening your rug corners; steaming and weighing it down with a heavy object. Steaming works because it loosens the fibers in the material, allowing the corners to relax. So, as the ice cubes melt into your rug, they work similarly to soften the material. Weighing the rug down with a heavy object helps because it forms the rug to the floor and prevents it from trying to curl up again.

Perhaps you're wondering why you can't just pour on a bit of water and call it a day. This is because the slow melting of the ice cubes allows the rug to become saturated over time instead of immediately soaked, which would take longer to dry and wouldn't have the same effect. Further, a concern that some may have is that the moisture from the ice cubes could cause mold growth in the rug. However, because only a few ice cubes are used, this shouldn't be an issue.

More information about this hack

When testing out this hack, some may assume that you need to weigh down the corner with a really heavy object, like a piece of furniture. However, this isn't the case; a small object like a vase, candle, or even a glass cup would work perfectly. These items should be placed on the very edge of the corner to keep the rug in place while it dries.

You may also wonder how long the corners will stay flat. While this is uncertain, some say that it really doesn't matter since the hack is so easy to execute. Therefore, if you find that your corners start to curl back up over time, repeat the process again. Finally, this hack, minus the heavy object, can also be used to remove furniture dents from carpets and rugs. To do so, fill the indent with ice cubes, allow them to melt, slightly dry the area with a rag, and push the fibers up into their original position with the edge of a spoon or a coin.