The Easiest Way To Attract Warblers To Your Yard

With their bright plumage and beautiful songs, having a warbler visit your yard is a real treat. There are many different types of this bird, ranging from the brilliant yellow warbler to the handsome magnolia warbler, and they all have a few characteristics in common. Most of them prefer to eat insects rather than birdseed, meaning a tray of corn or the blue jay's favorite peanut ring will not draw them to your backyard. However, there is something you can offer a warbler that just may entice this songbird to your yard. Offering a watering station is a real benefit to this little bird, especially one that is situated in a secluded area near some foliage.

There are several reasons why a typical feeding station is not attractive to warblers. One reason is that they are on the hunt for bugs, and unless your birdfeeder is filled with mealworms, warblers will prefer to stay inside the shrubbery, where they can find the most insects. They also tend to be rather shy, which is another reason why a busy feeding station filled with exuberant feathered friends will scare them off. Setting up a watering station on the branch of a tree or shrub is the best way to help them feel safe, and it will serve as a welcome source of hydration during their quest for a plump caterpillar.

The best place for your watering station

During migration season, these songbirds have been known to travel during the nighttime, when they feel safer from predators who are alert during the day. Being active all night means they are hungry in the morning, and the first few hours of daylight are the perfect time to feast on their favorite insects. As the sun rises and life begins to stir in the warm sunshine, warblers can find a nutritious meal in the branches of the trees and shrubbery. For this reason, the best location for your watering station is to place it at the edge of any foliage that faces the morning sunrise. This spot will be close to where warblers start to search for a tasty breakfast beetle.

Even though warblers don't care for a noisy feeding station, they might appreciate a little bit of peanut butter spread on a tree trunk for additional nourishment. The fat in the peanut butter will give them some extra energy, and the shelter inside the branches will be appreciated as well. If you're concerned that peanut butter might attract insects to your tree trunk, that's even better news for your warblers. Place the watering station nearby, clean it often, and fill it with fresh water regularly. You'll be proud to know that you've provided a secluded spot for these little birds to enjoy a drink, and you'll be rewarded with the joy of their sweet songs.