The Best Types Of Bird Feeders For Blue Jays

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With their brilliant blue feathers and distinctive call, blue jays tend to be the center of attention in the avian world, and they're a delight to behold. Their big personalities are matched by their large frame, which is slightly longer and heavier than many other birds. It's no wonder that these bossy little creatures require a different type of feeder than other birds do, and those who love to observe them are more than happy to accommodate their needs in order to draw them near.

The first thing to look for when selecting a blue jay feeder is to choose one that will allow for the bird's large size. A blue jay needs plenty of room to perch while eating, so many seed dispensers that are designed for smaller birds won't be suitable, such as the tiny clear tubes. Another reason to provide plenty of space is that blue jays travel in families, so a large design is best not only for the size of the bird but also for the size of the family. Blue jays are foraging birds, which means that they enjoy hunting for food on the ground. For this reason, a platform style of feeder works well because it allows them to follow their hunting instincts by hopping around and scooping up their favorite foods, like sunflower seeds, nuts, and corn. Providing a bird feeder that addresses these needs makes it likely that you will start to entertain a host of these beautiful, feathery friends.

Platform feeder

TheĀ Woodlink 3 in 1 Platform Bird Feeder makes it easy for blue jays to find their food in a manner that's similar to hunting for seeds on the forest floor. The generous size of the tray allows for more than one bird to visit at the same time, with plenty of room for each one to perch and rest while eating. Another advantage of this feeder is that it can be mounted in three different ways. Place it on the ground to provide an authentic foraging experience for the birds, or hang it from a spot off the ground like the branch of a tree. It can also be mounted to the top of a pole using hardware that's available from Woodlink.

Priced at $48, this large feeder is made of red cedar and can hold up to 3 pounds of bird seed. The metal tray beneath the feeder is perforated so that water drains easily, and it can also be removed for cleaning. This slide-out tray and the feeder's sturdy size are two of the reasons why reviewers love this product, earning a 4.6 rating on Amazon. As with most platform feeders, it will be exposed to the elements as well as other animals who appreciate a tasty meal. However, these issues can be addressed by hanging the feeder under a rooftop or awning to protect it from the elements or by mounting it to a pole with a squirrel baffle attached underneath.

Divided platform

This Kingsyard Hanging Platform Feeder is slightly smaller than the previous tray, but it still holds up to 2 pounds of food. It's divided into two sections so that you can truly spoil your backyard visitors with a buffet of options to choose from. Fill one side with nuts and seeds and the other side with a favorite such as dried fruit, and enjoy the activity. One reviewer writes that "the second I hung this out, it was a hit." The birds enjoy the deep capacity of each food section, and the platform design makes it convenient for them to alight for a snack and then take off easily. There's plenty of room for several birds of different sizes to visit at once, and one reviewer mentions that it's "perfect for my larger bird guests without making the smaller birds take off."

This feeder costs about $19 on Amazon, and it's available in blue, green, or red. It's constructed from pine and comes with a hanging cable that is made of rustproof steel. The mesh screen underneath the feeder allows water to drain and keeps air circulating so that the food stays fresh. Several people mention that the paint may begin to chip off over time; however, one reviewer's solution to this problem was to spray the wood with a water sealant to protect it from the elements.

Adjustable dome

This Kingsyard Platform Bird Feeder with Dome Top has built-in protection from rain and snow. The open tray means that the food is easily accessible to the blue jay, and the dome top is adjustable so it can be raised high enough to accommodate these larger birds. The sturdy metal base will keep it steady in the wind, and it also allows rain to filter through its holes on the bottom. Priced at about $28, this feeder is available in dark green or iron gray.

The dome is designed to spin so that any squirrels that try to climb onto it aren't able to reach the food. However, many reviewers suggest taking additional precautions to prevent these little thieves from depleting the food supply. One reviewer suggests, "I use a seed mixture that squirrels don't like and hung it about 2 feet away from any launch site." Another person appreciates how easy it is to maintain the feeder and how it attracts birds of all sizes. "It takes seconds to fill, only a brief amount of time to clean the shallow tray when it gets dirty, and plenty of birds are able to land. Sometimes multiple at a time, which is both chaotic and fun to watch."

Fly-through feeder with roof

This JCs Wildlife Fly Thru Bird Feeder is a substantial platform feeder made of heavy poly lumber and measuring 17.5 inches wide by 11 inches high and 10.25 inches deep. It can hold a generous 8 cups of seeds in a divided tray that is filtered for drainage and can be removed for cleaning. The open roof over the tray is designed to keep the seed dry as well as provide shelter to birds who perch on the side while eating. Purchasing this feeder is an investment with its $97 price tag, but it's built to last and has garnered an impressive score of 4.9 stars with over 300 ratings on Amazon. It can be hung from above or mounted on a pole, and it's available in six color options that include blue and gray or green and tan.

One reviewer appreciates its design because "it is easy for the birds to rest and eat rather than frantically trying to perch on the smaller feeders." Another review says that they were searching for a feeder "that would suit the larger birds, such as the blue jays and doves, and that would offer some shelter from the weather" and that this feeder is perfect. This reviewer also points out, "My blue jays are fussy but they love this feeder and have been visiting non-stop since I put it up."

Peanut ring

Blue jays love peanuts, and this Hanging Peanut Wreath Bird Feeder, for $26.79, is specifically designed to make this treat easily available. The spiral tube comes with a hook that can be used to hang the ring in the best spot to watch the birds as they feast on their snack. The spirals are made of sturdy steel that will endure the elements, and they are spaced widely enough apart to allow each peanut to be extracted easily. With a rating of 4.4 stars from over 1000 reviewers, this peanut ring is popular with bird watchers as well as blue jays.

One reviewer says, "We use this as a peanut feeder in our yard, and have seen a dramatic increase in blue jays visiting to try and work peanuts out of the feeder. They love it!" Another customer says, "I've never seen this many jays here before." Several reviews point out that squirrels are tempted by the peanuts as well, but one person suggests putting grease on a pole used to suspend the ring, and this arrangement will discourage the squirrels. Another review states that at first, there were only three blue jays in their yard, but the feeder was now attracting a family of 15. When you set out a feeder that offers food that blue jays love and plenty of room to perch and enjoy themselves, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful display of these little birds thriving and returning for more.