Prevent Pesky Nail Corrosion With This Genius WD-40 Hack

If you often undertake much of your home DIY yourself, nail corrosion can be a nightmare. In fact, it can even render your glorified nail collection completely unusable, wasting your money and producing unnecessary waste in the process. This is because the rust changes the nail's original form, which is essential for proper functionality. However, there is one nifty trick that could help: using WD-40. Just a dash of this garage staple could help ward off any of your potential rusty woes. Now, you should be able to store your nails without worrying if they'll start rusting. 

However, this isn't the only advantage. If you already have a bottle of the product stowed away in a cupboard, then this hack is quite literally free, making it a great option if you're on a budget and looking to save a few nails. Even if you don't have any, a bottle of WD-40 isn't too costly, and it has various other uses around the home, which means you'll definitely get your money's worth. But how do you use it with nails? It's actually relatively easy. Just locate your box of rusty nails and can of WD-40, and you're ready to go!

Apply WD-40 onto your nails

Thankfully, this hack is relatively simple. Just grab your nifty bottle of WD-40 and apply it generously over your nails. You can even spray it on them all in one go if you have a large amount. Just make sure to give them an even coating and shake them around so you can cover as much of each nail as possible. After all, it's useless if you end up with a nail that's still corroded on one side! Over time, you should notice that your rusty woes are kept at bay. Of course, you should ensure that you take precautions as you would with any similar product, such as wearing gloves or a protective mask if you're indoors.

WD-40 helps to repel corrosive elements such as water and oxygen. This makes it much more challenging for any rust to develop on your nails in the future, too. Of course, this will leave you with nails that actually work and that remain in good condition. However, if you see any rust start to appear, apply some WD-40 promptly. While you're at it, you can tackle rust in other areas of your home and property — WD-40 can even help remove rust stains from concrete!