DIY A Spooky Halloween Chandelier With Dollar Tree Items

Who says you need to spend a lot of money to dress your house up for Spooky Season? While it's easy to go all out and break the bank on impressive outdoor displays, porch decorations, and Halloween themed home decor – if you can DIY something equally as impressive for a fraction of the price, why wouldn't you? Thanks to apps like Pinterest and TikTok that allow creatives to quickly and easily share their own holiday DIY ideas with other users, people are rethinking the way they shop and the way they do Halloween.

And while we love to shop at Dollar Tree for all that we can year-round, it's definitely worth paying a visit to the Halloween section if you want to try your hand at DIY-ing some of your own decor this year. Though there are lots of creative ways you can decorate your home for Halloween with items bought from Dollar Tree, this DIY skeleton chandelier is one of the most impressive that we have seen. Using four spooky skeletons, a wire wreath frame, some decorative chain, a spider web bowl, four battery operated candles, and some zip ties, you can create a super cool, spooky chandelier to display in your home this Halloween.

Big Halloween spirit on a small budget

To create your own Halloween chandelier, first begin by zip tying four of Dollar Tree's decorative skeletons to the wire wreath frame. Secure them so they are equidistant from one another around the perimeter for uniformity. Trim off and dispose of the long ends of the zip ties if you need to once the skeletons are attached. Next, take four, equal length pieces of the chain and attach the ends to the wire wreath frame, with one in between each skeleton. Secure the tops of each chain to the spider web bowl. Then, you will create a loop out of additional chain to attach it to whatever it is you are hanging it from to display it.

Once you have this step completed, you can make it into a real, working chandelier by hot gluing a battery operated candle stick in the hands of each skeleton as if they were holding it. If the light emitted from the flameless candle is too white, you can color the tip with an orange sharpie to give it more of an authentic, creepy, flame look. While your new chandelier looks perfectly spooky during the day, the battery operated flame's effect is even better when the lights go out. Create one to use it as a focal point in your home's Halloween decor, or create multiple to use in different rooms to keep the Halloween theme continuous throughout the home.