TikTok's Genius Hack Makes Cleaning With Rubbing Alcohol So Much Easier

There's a new TikTok that makes cleaning with rubbing alcohol even easier. As many of us learned during the pandemic, rubbing alcohol is an excellent cleaning agent to use around the house. That's because it's a disinfectant and a solvent all in one. As a disinfectant, rubbing alcohol can kill most pathogens that land on high-touch surfaces, like countertops or door knobs. That's due to its high isopropyl alcohol ratio, which can range anywhere from 60% to 99%. As a solvent, meanwhile, rubbing alcohol can break down grease, oil, and any other natural matter you might come across while cleaning, making it a great spray option for all types of surfaces as well. However, because it comes in a plastic bottle with a cap, rubbing alcohol isn't perhaps the most convenient thing to clean with. Yet, as it turns out, there's an easy (TikTok) solution.

To clean with rubbing alcohol, you either have to transfer the liquid into a spray bottle or use it straight from the bottle to dampen a rag or sponge. However, there's an easier way to use it as a cleaning tool, per TikTok, and that's to put a nozzle directly on the bottle. Rather than messing around with transferring rubbing alcohol, transform its bottle into a ready-to-use cleaning spray instead.

How to transform it into a spray bottle

The next time you start to pour rubbing alcohol into separate spray bottles, why not skip the step (and save you the hassle of cleaning the spray bottle once it's empty) by simply turning the antiseptic bottle into a spray itself? To do so, all you'll need is a nozzle, which you can upcycle from an old spray bottle that's since cracked, a spray cleaning product that has since finished, or a new one you bought from the dollar store. Whichever you choose, it'll work perfectly fine.

Note, however, that if you're upcycling the nozzle, be sure it was never used to distribute bleach. That's because mixing rubbing alcohol with bleach can create chloroform, which is toxic. Exposure can cause harm to the eyes, skin, and nervous system, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so it's best to steer clear of such a combo.

Back to TikTok's hack; once you have your spray nozzle, simply twist it onto the top of your rubbing alcohol bottle. It should be a perfect match. If the straw is too long, cut it to size with a pair of scissors. And that's it! Your antiseptic bottle has instantly turned into a spray, making cleaning with it that much easier.