The Chic IKEA Cabinet Hack That Combines The BILLY And OXBERG Bookcases

IKEA's BILLY bookcase has evolved from a staple item for young adults just scraping by in their starter apartments to a smart-looking bookcase suitable for literally any décor. We like its simple, clean lines because they're an effective canvas for creative thinking. We've seen BILLY used as a shoe-lover's closet and wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up displaying their best dishes and crystal stemware in a BILLY bookcase to show them off in a semi-formal dining room. One reason the BILLY's gotten even better looking is the chic hack of combining the bookcase with IKEA's OXBERG glass doors, giving it an instant upgrade.

This combo feels especially versatile. You can add units on top of BILLY to make it taller or additional bookcases to either side for a wall-sized cabinet. Instead of keeping all the shelves spaced at the same height, you can move the shelves up or down to create enough height for oversized books or larger specialty objects. Whoever had the genius idea to make the OXBERG doors compatible with the BILLY bookcase dressed up an inexpensive item and opened more storage possibilities for small spaces. Pro tip: cute glass doors will also cut down on dusting!

How to approach this affordable hack

IKEA keeps these shelving units at a lower price point because they're made from particleboard and fiberboard, both less costly than wood, but they're also less expensive because you'll need to assemble them yourself. Use wood glue during assembly to make your IKEA furniture last longer. The instructions are easy and straightforward, and all the hardware is included, so put your BILLY together having thought through what you'll be stocking it with and how wide the shelves need to be. Attach the OXBERG glass doors (OXBERG also carries a door that's a wood panel if you like that style better), and you've got an elegant curio cabinet, art display, or bookcase.

Approach this hack with an open, creative mind. If you've got a white BILLY but want a mixed black-and-white look, purchase the black OXBERG glass doors and apply black wood contact paper to the front of each shelf, the sides, and the bottom front of the bookshelf. Or keep the unit all white, add the glass doors but swap out the plain doorknobs with antique-looking transparent glass knobs, brushed rose gold, or whatever fits your decor.