This IKEA BILLY Bookcase Hack Is Every Shoe Lover's Dream Come True

For the shoe-a-holics, space limitations aren't the footwear-buying deterrent you'd think they'd be. Instead, they present a worthy challenge in organizing and safely storing your treasured collection. If you're a shoe lover with heels, boots, and sandals spilling out of the closet in every direction, there's an unexpected solution. You can set up one or more IKEA BILLY Bookcases to neaten up your space and keep all your shoes easily visible. As TikTok user thetarahshow demonstrates, these versatile cabinets are ideal for storing items of all heights and sizes.

This genius hack identifies a product typically used for one thing and repurposes it for something utterly original. Putting bookcases in your closet is a genius way to honor your thrillingly out-of-control collection and use every possible drop of vertical space. Plus, the bestselling bookcase comes in different widths, price points, and colors, allowing you to create shoe storage with a truly custom vibe.

How to make BILLY work for your precious shoe collection

A behind-the-scenes secret designers use to conquer a small space is to think vertically. To do that with this budget-friendly hack, you can add extensions to the BILLY bookcase to take it all the way up to the ceiling if you want or need to. But first, ask yourself how much room you have to work with. Whether you plan to create a shoe-topia in your organized bedroom closet oasis or have it stand freely somewhere else, measure the available space, and that includes ceiling height. Keep in mind that the shelves that come with BILLY are adjustable, and you can add shelving to accommodate more items. 

While the bookshelves, additional shelving, and extensions already aid in your shoe storage problem, you might consider another add-on to upgrade this into luxe territory. You can add glass doors (and customize them with your own fancy, quirky doorknobs) to elevate your experience even further. IKEA's OXBERG Glass Door and OXBERG Glass Door Extension complete the look and create seamless, visible storage.