You'd Never Know This Adorable Halloween Ghost Was A Dollar Tree DIY

In September 2023 the National Retail Federation reported that they expect people to spend $3.9 billion on Halloween decorations alone, reflecting just how prevalent they are during the spooky season. However, thanks to @doitonadimeofficial on the video-sharing platform TikTok, there's a great way you can craft your own budget-friendly Halloween decor using one popular item from the Dollar Tree store. Rather than hanging a simple spooky ghost, you can transform it into a standing ghost holding a pumpkin — so cute! Not only does it give off a fun vibe, but it's also eye-catching due to the extra additions.

This hack is perfectly suited for any beginner, so there's no need to break a sweat when building it. All you need is a handful of items you can get at the store or you may already have in your cupboards. You'll need to purchase Dollar Tree's 36 x 24 inch Halloween Polyester Hanging Ghost and a plunger. It would help if you also equip yourself with some hot glue, a skewer, scissors, a light-up Styrofoam pumpkin, black craft foam, and a sturdy styrofoam base, which @doitonadimeofficial found in the floral section of the Dollar Tree. 

Get crafty

First, you'll remove the cloak from the ghost to reveal the Styrofoam head (you'll add it back later). Next, take the plunger and remove the rubber portion, which will leave you with a sturdy stick. Once you have this, you need to push it into the bottom of the foam ghost head before pushing the other end into your foam base. This should form the body of the ghost. Just ensure it's stable before building the rest, as you don't want it to topple over. Now, you connect your Styrofoam pumpkin to the ghost with your skewer, before gluing the eyes to the ghost drape using your black craft foam, or any color you prefer.

When everything is secure, cut off any parts of your skewer that are pointing out and light up your pumpkin. You can make this ghost your own and create your own funky decor by adding your own additions. Of course, you just need to ensure the base you select is sturdy enough to hold everything together, and make sure you're cautious when working with any sharp objects, such as the skewers. As a result, you should be left with some charming Halloween decor!