All The Ways That You Can Repurpose Paperclips Around The House

Paperclips are miscellaneous items that people always have on hand. However, what should you do with these small metal clips when there aren't any more papers to attach together? While these fasteners are recyclable, because of their size, you shouldn't just toss one in the blue bin. You would need to collect a bunch before they could be used as scrap metal. Because of this, instead of recycling your paperclip, take advantage of the office supply lounging on your desk by repurposing it around the house, and there are several ways to do so.

Paperclips are handy when it comes to cleaning, decorating, gardening, and doubling as tools. Their durability, flexibility, metal material, and small size make them great for tackling these jobs. Plus, choosing creative ways to repurpose old or unwanted items helps build an eco-friendly home and limits the waste that piles up in landfills. Give the paperclips in your home new life by using these office supplies out of the office.

Clean tight spots

Paperclips are perfect for cleaning tiny nooks and crannies. To use them for this purpose, stretch the clip into an "S" shape and cover one end with a tissue or cotton ball. Use the uncovered side as the handle and the paper-covered edge as a mini duster. Slide it between keyboard tiles, air vent grates, remote buttons, light switch grooves, and other small areas for in-depth cleaning.

Seal food bags

Paperclips can be used to keep your food fresh. Leave a few in the kitchen junk drawer so they are always nearby to tie bread wraps, chip bags, and other treats. You can slide the clip on as you would a stack of paper or unwind it and use it as a metal twist tie. It will keep the air and elements away from the goods and act like any store-bought bag clip.

Mark your tape roll

Finding the end of your roll of tape is tedious, and trying to lift it off the roll with your nail or a knife is even more troublesome. A paperclip can take care of both those problems. Simply leave the clip on the start of the new piece of tape when you cut a strip. The roll will always be ready to go, and you can reuse the same clip for every new pack of tape.

Unclog nozzles

The slim metal of a paperclip makes it the ideal size to unclog spray nozzles. This paperclip hack will clear the opening, whether for WD-40, liquid glue, spray paint canisters, or glue guns. Just unfold the clip and gently shimmy it into the nozzle, using its end to remove the dried gunk causing the jam. Once all the debris dislodges, use the spray as normal.

Create a mini screwdriver

Need a tiny screwdriver for the mini screws in your glasses frame or AC remote? Well, a paperclip can loosen those bolts right up. You can turn the office supply into a flathead screwdriver by flattening one end with a hammer. Place something you don't mind denting, like a wood scrap or old toolbox, underneath the paperclip, then unfold the clip and pound the edge with your hammer. The impromptu tool will take care of all your tiny screw needs.

Hang photos damage-free

Hanging photos is a stylish way to decorate your walls without using framed art, and paperclips streamline the process. Simply slip your picture into the paperclip and secure it to the wall using a push pin. The clip will hang from the pin, so your photos won't get damaged in the process. You can also place yarn or string lights through the paperclips to display several memories on the thread and anchor the string with wall hooks. It's an inexpensive DIY that leaves you with chic, personalized decor.

Dangle ornaments

Paperclips are stellar substitutes for missing ornament hooks and strings. Bend the clip into an "S" shape and snake one end into the opening of the decoration, then use the other to hang the ornament from your mantel, stair railing, tree branch, or wreath. The thin metal will blend in with the background and provide a glint of shimmer when the light hits.

Propagate plants easily

While this tiny but mighty tool can help with cleaning and decorating, it can also be repurposed into a garden clip for propagating houseplants. Think of it as a mini stake for your potted plants that keeps nodes close to the soil. Undo the paperclip into a "U" shape and use it to secure stems or propagated leaves so they stay in place and can take root. However, be careful not to pierce any plant parts in the process.

Make a letter opener

Quickly open that pile of mail by creating a homemade letter opener. Paperclips are sturdy yet small, so they fit into an envelope's mouth and tear through it with ease. Mold the office supply into a straight line and have at it. Don't worry about getting paper cuts, accidentally ripping the valuable contents, or searching for your fancy letter opener ever again.

Remove hair from brushes

Tangled hair in your brush doesn't stand a chance against a paperclip. Unwind the metal into an "S" shape and use it to hook and pull out all the strands that are trapped in your brush. It works for your hairbrush, vacuum head, broom, and any other bristle that's matted with hair strands. Whether the shedding is from you or your four-legged companion, keep a paperclip handy to kiss the hair goodbye.