Genius Ways You Should Be Using Plastic Wrap Around Your House

The plastic wrap in your cupboard, sitting next to the aluminum foil and wax paper, can be used for much more than just packing away leftover dinners. It is a kitchen staple that can be used in several cleaning hacks to keep your home tidy, but that is not all. Cling wrap can make things like renovations, pest control, and mess prevention easier. The thin film can do as much, if not more, around the house as it does in the kitchen.

When you cover food in plastic wrap, you preserve the goodies in the film, creating an airtight seal that traps odors and protects them from moisture absorption and contamination. Those qualities of sealing, protecting, and keeping moisture inside can also be applied to other areas of your home in order to benefit more than just your food. Because it's flexible and thin, it can be placed on a number of objects. Further, since you can't throw cling film in a regular recycling bin, repurposing it is a great way to be more sustainable and get lots of bang for your buck.

Cover paintbrushes

If you're completing a paint job over multiple days, keep your paint brushes from drying out overnight with a sheet of plastic wrap. The DIY covering will create an airtight seal that keeps the bristles moist and ready to use the next day. Just wrap your brushes and rollers in the film and store them in a dry place. When you use this hack, you won't have to worry about soaking and washing your brushes just to use them the next day. Once you're done with the brushes, unwrap and wash them, then toss the soiled plastic.

Remove stickers

Don't break a nail scrubbing off stubborn stickers when plastic wrap can be used to make removing the sticky residue simple. The roll in your pantry can help remove the half-ripped decal stuck to your wall or small container. First, wet the sticker and a paper towel with oil, rubbing alcohol, or nail polish remover, then cover the sticker with the soaked paper. Finally, place plastic wrap over it. This seal will trap the moisture inside and soften the adhesive. After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the wrap and easily swipe the sticker off.

Insulate drafty windows

If the cold air from outside is making its way through your closed windows, you need saran wrap. Securing the plastic to your window frame with tape creates a barrier that prevents drafts. It helps to add multiple layers, which will strengthen the wrap's insulating abilities. Once the wrap is installed, place your blow dryer on the lowest setting and point it towards it, as this will shrink the plastic so that it forms to your windows. The view won't be crystal clear anymore, but at least the chilly air won't crash your party. Plus, this hack is a great way to help reduce your home energy costs.

Keep flowers fresh

Cut flowers need to be kept in water to look their best. If you're short on vases, plastic wrap is the next best choice. This hack could also be a great way to bundle the bouquet before gifting it to someone to keep the stems hydrated. Wrap the end of the bouquet in a wet paper towel before swaddling it in the plastic. The cling wrap will lock in the moisture so the flowers stay fresh. You can then place the paper towel-plastic wrap in gift paper or burlap and wrap it with ribbon or twine for a decorative look.

Cover fridge shelves

Refrigerator shelves are destined for crumbs and spills, but plastic wrap makes clean-up easier. Line the drawers and racks in plastic to create a waterproof covering. When it comes time to deep clean the appliance, you just need to toss the cling wrap and replace it with fresh sheets. This is way easier than removing each shelf and hand washing them all in the sink.

Prevent screen smudges

Greasy fingers and phones do not mix. To protect your phone screen from your oily digits, cover it with saran wrap. Cut the film slightly larger than the front screen with enough edging to wrap around the device's sides, then attach it like a store-bought screen protector. Since the plastic is thin, the phone can still sense your touch. This could also be helpful when you're following an online recipe and want to protect your screen from splatters and spills.

Seal items when you're on the move

Moving is a hassle, but cling wrap makes the trip a little easier. You can prevent spills and dripping cardboard boxes by adding a layer of plastic wrap to your liquid containers. Simply unscrew the bottle, cover the mouth with the film, and then screw the lid back on to give your items a water-tight seal. This is also a perfect hack to use when traveling.

Prevent kitchen splatters

Your stand mixer is convenient, but not when the batter is flying out at a mile per minute and hitting the backsplash. Control the flying cake mix with plastic wrap. After filling the bowl with all your ingredients, surround the electric mixer with cling wrap. Once the appliance is completely covered, turn it on and watch the plastic wall get messy instead of your countertops or walls.

Make fruit fly traps

Fruit flies sometimes seem to appear in your kitchen out of thin air, and spraying them with insecticides isn't the best option, as the chemicals could contaminate your food. Luckily, a DIY trap with plastic wrap is easy to make. In a container, stir together 1 ounce of dish soap, 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar, and 3 ounces of cold water. Cover the container with plastic wrap, secure it with a rubber band, and use a toothpick to puncture small holes at the top. The tiny buys will fly in and never come out.