Easily Check Your Windows And Doors For Drafts With This Brilliant Trick

Energy.gov reports that windows play a huge role in heat loss and gain within the home, contributing to as much as 30% of your energy use. As winter rolls in, you should check your windows and doors for leaks and drafts, especially if you notice a spike in your utility bill or feel an uncomfortable chill in a specific room. Luckily, you can quickly check for drafts with nothing more than a match or a candle, thanks to a brilliant TikTok trick shared by @lowes. Acting on these leaks as soon as you notice them is essential, as they can cause your HVAC system to work overtime. This raises your utility bills while unnecessarily straining your heating and cooling system.

Aside from drafts, leaky windows and doors can contribute to dangerous mold growth. You might see condensation or even water, indicating that repairs are necessary. Aside from mold growth, this can damage window sills and walls. But the repercussions don't stop there. If you live in a noisy area, drafts can contribute to indoor noise pollution, potentially leading to disrupted sleep and more. With a match stick or a candle, you can easily survey your house for drafts, promptly remediate the issue, and keep your home warm this winter.

Grab a match or candle

To carry out this genius TikTok trick, light a match or a candle and hold it before a window or door, staying mindful of curtains and blinds. If you notice that the flame flickers or goes out entirely, odds are you have a draft. Although you may be able to make repairs yourself, having a professional inspect your home is always a good idea. Remember that if you have a window installation company check your house, they may try to sell you a product you don't necessarily need. That's why it's best to work with third-party inspectors who don't stand to profit from their inspection results.

If an inspector finds you have leaky windows or doors, you may be advised to contact a contractor. However, you might be able to make repairs yourself, at least temporarily. Fret not; there are many easy insulating tips for your windows this winter. For starters, lock all drafty windows and doors. Next, apply weatherstripping. You can choose from foam, felt, "V" strip, and tubular weather stripping. You can also use door draft blockers for a quick fix. Should you notice any gaps or cracks around your windows or doors, you can seal them to keep drafts out. In this instance, latex caulk is an ideal product for small or narrow cracks. You can also use thermal insulated curtains to combat drafty windows, keeping your house warm while elevating your decor.